Do you know swivel bearing? Click it and learn more

450 Published by May 21,2018

Do you know swivel bearing? Click it and learn more

The swivel bearing is intended to permit free rotation of the tool string and minimize line force throughout slackline or cable preparation. The bearing style ensures that the swivel continues to rotate swimmingly once subjected to high masses.
The swivel bearing is usually positioned directly below the rope socket to stop force making a difficulty with wirelines. The Bearing Swivel incorporates many style options as well as strong thrust-type bearings with associate integral grease pap to make sure internal parts square measure ceaselessly greased for a chronic operating and storage amount. vital internal parts of the Swivel also are electro-less nickel-plated to any assist in the bar of internal corrosion that is common with customary swivel joints.

swivel bearing swivel bearing

Applications of swivel bearing
Predominantly wont to give rotation in a very wireline tool string and minimize line force
The Swivel will be utilized to produce a rotating purpose once handling long or cumbersome tools to assist structure or escape
Ideal to be used throughout scrub operations wherever prolonged high masses square measure encountered

Features Integral grease nipple: Ensures simple lubrication and forestall corrosion
Critical parts ENP treated to any assist in the bar of internal corrosion
Heavy-duty strong style
Integral Belleville Spring style to ensure positive load maintained on thrust bearings to make sure continuous rotation
Debris Rings: stop ingress of foreign matter
Swivel parts square measure supported at rotation purpose to stop lateral movement and wear
The contingent fish neck on most lower joint parts
Third-party proprietary connections accessible to suit client necessities

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