What are the characteristics of tapered needle roller bearing?

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Tapered needle roller bearing characteristics:
Tapered needle roller bearing is low friction
Optimized roller design and rib surface finish on the ribs promote the formation of a lubricant film that reduces friction. This also reduces the heat generated by friction and flange wear. In addition, the tapered needle roller bearing better maintains preload and reduces noise levels during operation.
Tapered needle roller bearing has a long service life
The basic design of the tapered needle roller bearing and the convex raceway logarithmic raceway shape optimize the load distribution along the contact surface, reduce the stress peak at the end of the roller, and reduce the sensitivity to misalignment and shaft deflection. . . .

fou row tapered needle roller bearing
Tapered needle roller bearing improves operational reliability
The optimized surface treatment of the roller and raceway contact surfaces facilitates the formation of a hydrodynamic lubricating oil film.
Tapered needle roller bearing roller contour and size consistency
The roller manufacturing tolerances and dimensional accuracy in the tapered needle roller bearing are so precise that they are almost identical. This provides the optimum load distribution to reduce noise and vibration levels and enables more precise preloading.

high precision tapered needle roller bearing
Rigid bearing application of tapered needle roller bearing
A single row tapered roller bearing usually needs to be adjusted together with another tapered roller bearing. Rigid bearing applications can be achieved by applying a preload.
Tapered needle roller bearing
Tapered roller bearings usually have a running-in period during which conventionally designed tapered roller bearings experience a large amount of friction, resulting in wear. This effect is noted as a temperature peak. The use of SKF tapered roller bearings significantly reduces friction, wear and frictional heat while the bearings are accurately installed and lubricated.

original tapered needle roller bearing
Separable and interchangeable
Depending on the design, tapered roller bearings are separable and the components of the same size bearing can be completely interchanged. For example, single row tapered roller bearings are separate, ie the inner ring (conical inner ring) with roller and cage assembly can be mounted separately from the outer ring (conical outer ring). This helps in the installation, removal, and maintenance of inspection procedures.

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