Do you know the method of tapered roller bearing preload?

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The tapered roller bearing preload has a great influence on the running quality of the support shaft. If the pre-tightening force is small, the relative starting is relatively easy, the friction is small, but the rotation precision is not high; if the pre-tightening force is increased, the tapered roller bearing preload can be effectively improved. Rotational accuracy and load carrying capacity, but the bearing is difficult to start, the friction is larger, and the efficiency is lower.

tapered roller bearing preload
There is an optimum value for the tapered roller bearing preload force, which has an important relationship with the bearing speed, temperature rise, load, spindle deformation, bearing life, lubrication conditions, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the optimal force of tapered roller bearing preload. A lot of experimentation is necessary.
Common tapered roller bearing preload method:
(1) Outer ring or inner ring pressing method
After fixing the inner ring of the bearing, pre-tighten by clamping the outer ring of the bearing, such as using the bearing end cover; or after positioning the outer ring, pre-tighten by pressing the inner ring, such as using a round nut. The method is easy to operate and has the widest range of use, but the preload force cannot be changed. It is usually used when the external load is fixed, such as reducer and machine tool spindle.

tapered roller bearing preload method
(2) spacer or collar adjustment method
The tapered roller bearing preload can be effectively adjusted by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the gasket at the inner and outer circumferences. The specific method is as follows: when a pair of tapered roller bearings are installed, a spacer of a certain thickness is placed between the inner and outer rings, and then pads of different thicknesses are placed to achieve the purpose of adjusting the tapered roller bearing preload.

tapered roller bearing preload ways
(3) Spring preloading method
Use a spring to hold the outer ring or inner ring that does not rotate, to compress the bearing and pre-tighten. This method is easy to operate and a stable tapered roller bearing preload can be obtained. However, since the spring has a certain fatigue life, after a certain time, the spring elasticity is reduced and the pre-tightening force is reduced. Therefore, the reliability of the method is inferior to the above method, and a spring with a special rigidity must be designed, and the cost is high.

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