turbocharger ball bearing become mainstream equipment for performance models

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turbocharger ball bearing are now widely used in the automotive industry, which is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly, so they are recognized by users. As for what principle, I think a lot of people like me, I really want to know the principle inside, then we talks about the turbine system today.
Principle structure

The turbine system is one of the most common boosting systems in supercharged engines.
If in the same unit time, more air and fuel mixture can be forced into the cylinder (combustion chamber) for compression and explosion operation (the engine with small displacement can "suck" and the same amount of displacement Air, increasing volumetric efficiency, produces a greater power output than a naturally aspirated engine at the same speed.

turbocharger ball bearing
In general, the engine can increase the extra power by at least 30%-40% after cooperating with such a "forced intake" action. This amazing effect is the reason why the turbocharger is so addictive. Moreover, achieving perfect combustion efficiency and greatly increasing power is what the turbocharger system can provide to the maximum value of the vehicle. The system includes turbocharger ball bearing, an intercooler, an intake bypass valve, an exhaust bypass valve, and associated intake and exhaust ducts.

original turbocharger ball bearing

Turbine shaft

The turbocharger ball bearing shaft looks like a simple metal tube, but in fact it is a precision part with a rotation of 120,000-160000 rpm and ultra high temperature. Its meticulous processing and intensive material handling and processing are the core technologies of all turbine plants. Conventional turbine shafts use the Bushing Bearing structure. It is really just a metal tube that relies entirely on the high-pressure oil that enters the turbocharger ball bearing chamber to support heat dissipation, so it can be rotated at high speed.

The recent emergence of turbocharger ball bearing has gradually become a trend in the development of turboshafts. As the name implies, a turbocharger ball bearing is a ball mounted on a turbine shaft, replacing the oil as a bearing. turbocharger ball bearing have many advantages: they have less friction, so they have better turbine response (which reduces turbo lag) and are more advantageous for the ultimate limit of power; it is more stable for the dynamic control of the turbine shaft (traditional The oil is used as a turbocharger ball bearing and the stroke is floating.

turbocharger ball bearing in stock

The requirements for oil pressure and quality can be reduced, which indirectly improves the service life of the turbine. However, its shortcoming is that the durability is not as good as the traditional bearing. It is about the life limit of about 70,000-80,000 km, and it is not easy to repair and expensive to repair. Therefore, turbines that value durability will not introduce this type of turbine.

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