4 aspects to maintain bearing housings

452 Published by Jun 04,2018

The maintenance of bearing housings
The following points should be paid special attention to the bearing housings during use:
(1) The use of bearing cooling systems. The correct use of the cooling water of the housing not only prolongs the service life of the bearing housing but also increases the production efficiency. The material of the bearing housings is generally made of a special bearing housings steel which is manufactured through various processes. Even the best bearing housings steel also has the limit of their use, such as temperature. Bearings in use, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to make the surface of the mold core early cracks, and some bearing housings have not even more than 2000 mold cracks appear on a large area. Even in the production of bearing housings in the production because the bearing housings' temperature is too high, the mold core has changed color, and even more than four hundred degrees after measurement, such temperature encounters the chilling state of the mold release agent, and it is prone to cracking. The products are also easily deformed, strained, and die-bonded. With the use of cooling water in the housing, the use of release agents can be greatly reduced, so that operators do not use release agents to reduce the temperature of the bearing housing. The advantage is that the life of the bearing seat is effectively prolonged, the die-casting cycle is saved, the product quality is improved, the occurrence of sticking, pulling and sticking of the aluminum is reduced, and the use of the release agent is reduced. It also reduces head and core losses due to overheating of bearing housings.

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(2) Bearing housings must be preheated during the start of production to prevent the sudden encounter of hot molten metal in the cold bearing seat and lead to the occurrence of turtle cracks. The more complex bearing seat can be used with torches, liquefaction Gas, good conditions with the mold temperature machine, a relatively simple bearing housings can use slow injection preheat.
(3) The cleaning of the parting surface of bearing housings is very troublesome and it is very easy to overlook. The operator thoroughly applies kerosene to thoroughly clean the parting surface of the bearing seat, which not only prevents bearing housings from being damaged. Moreover, after cleaning, the exhaust groove of bearing housings blocked by the residue of the release agent or other dirt can be opened to facilitate the discharge of gas in the cavity during the injection process and improve the product quality.
(4) If bearing housings are equipped with neutron control, attention must be paid to the fact that the signal line between the die casting machine and bearing housings are absolutely prohibited. The reason is very clear. In daily production, it is difficult to avoid water on the signal line, or The place where the connector is wrapped is easy to break, resulting in a short circuit with the machine tool. If the signal error is caused, the alarm will automatically stop and delay the time, otherwise the signal will be disordered and the bearing seat top will be damaged. Cause unnecessary losses. Travel switch attention waterproof.

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