Treat customers with loyalty and win orders for 8mm bearing block.

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One morning in April last year, I received an inquiry about the 8mm bearing block from Bangladesh. The normal quotation of the 8mm bearing block was completed and did not care much. Of course, the time difference between Bangladesh and us only two hours, the customer quickly replied to me and asked for some 8mm bearing block information, then, there is no news...
I didn't take this matter to heart, but after a few days, the customer suddenly sent an email saying that he was coming to China. He wanted to visit our factory to visit the 8mm bearing block production process, but I had to go to Shanghai somewhere before. Exhibition. I instantly felt that I guessed the psychology of the customer. At that time, I agreed to the customer, and then asked the customer to send me the flight information from Shanghai. By the time of the 16th, the customer has not responded, and when I think about it in the evening, I still have the last killing trick, make a phone call, don't run for a while. After the fight, the customer’s wife picked it up, but the client’s wife’s English level was limited. After we had a communication, I was even more aggressive. The original customer's wife has not been in contact since the customer left Bangladesh, and is worried at home.
8mm bearing block factory
So when it arrived at 9:00 on the 18th, we should set off to pick up the customer. Before leaving, the boss asked me to contact the customer to confirm that it was not good. At that time, I only said that I was under holding, but I put a group of alpacas in my heart~~ ~ Some cars, nearly 11 o'clock when we arrived at the airport, check the flight information provided by the customer, the flight will arrive at the airport at 12 o'clock. Wait until 12 o'clock at the airport, pick up a pick-up card at the airport, write the customer's name, wait at the exit.
When I saw the customer chilling a few words, I took the customer to the airport parking lot. When I got on the bus, I told him that his wife was very worried about him and gave the phone to the customer, so that the customer and his wife reported a peace. The customer was always thankful.
8mm bearing block manufacturer
It turned out that when the customer arrived in Shanghai, it was already early in the morning, and after a hard time arrived at the hotel that was scheduled before, but the hotel did not reserve a room for the customer, so that the customer dragged two suitcases in the early morning on the streets of Shanghai. In the past, I found a place to live, and I found a place to stay for a long time---a small hotel without WIFI. Then the customer has not slowed down and there is no network to contact the family. Participation in the exhibition and the like of the 8mm bearing block is nothing, and then today tired of coming to Jinan.
8mm bearing block distributor
We first ate something, then drove back to our area, brought the customer to the hotel to settle down first, then looked at the factory, saw the production process of 8mm bearing block, talked about the price of 8mm bearing block, very smooth. When the customer wants to return to China, he will directly give us the deposit of the 8mm bearing block as the deposit for the 8mm bearing block. Let us immediately produce the 8mm bearing block. This is the case.
After that, the customer has successively placed some orders for 8mm bearing block. After we are familiar with it, I asked the customer why the order of 8mm bearing block will be given to us. The customer said that the price of 8mm bearing block is one side, and the other is On the one hand, the situation of picking him up on the 18th made him directly decide to give us an order for the 8mm bearing block. The customer said that we are good man good man will make good products.

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