Share a big order of jaw crusher bearings from India

1,078 Published by Apr 19,2019

In just two months this year, I have become five big lists, buyers from Argentina, India, Pakistan, Mexico, and Slovakia. Among them, India has orders of jaw crusher bearings more than 40,000 US dollars, Pakistan has orders of jaw crusher bearings more than 30,000 US dollars, and Mexico has orders more than 20,000 US dollars. This has brought us a lot of confidence in the follow-up promotion.

jaw crusher bearings

In this year's numerous enquiries of jaw crusher bearings, my most memorable one is a buyer from India. It is not an exaggeration to say: In the few days after receiving the inquiry of jaw crusher bearings from the buyer and following up, I really have a hard time. Usually buyers come with the target product, and even if they don't get to the point of the first inquiry of jaw crusher bearings, they already have intentional products. However, this buyer has to ask for the product model because there is no specific model procurement target at the beginning. Therefore, I need to introduce each product I consulted in detail, including the performance and characteristics of the product, quotation, parameter description...

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At first, I couldn't grasp what type of product he wanted, so I introduced the products he asked, and continued to communicate with the customers in the principle of not giving up every business. After a period of communication, the buyer finally set the order of jaw crusher bearings. The first order. Of course, the later revision of the order has also been going through a long period of time, which is not easy. After the buyer received the product, he was very satisfied and was grateful for my previous patient response. After that, the buyer asked me to conduct a second negotiation and cooperation, and ordered the order of jaw crusher bearings. During the period, it was only after many revisions that the transaction was completed. After a long time, I also slowly understood the requirements and habits of this customer, so I tried to make orders of jaw crusher bearings according to his requirements and habits, and the customers also placed orders on time. In the process of working with this buyer, we have also established a basic trust, and the buyer said that they will continue to cooperate with our company in the future.

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