What is the quality grade of abec 7 bearing?

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Abec (Introduction)

abec 7 bearing is not the top quality in bearings,but abec 7 bearing is the higher quality in bearings.

Let us learn about why the abec 7 bearing is higher quality in bearings.

Picture of abec 7 bearing:

abec 7 bearing

Bearings in the ABEC system are generally called precision bearings and are numbered from 1 to 9. The higher the number, the higher the accuracy level for bearing manufacture. (Large = narrower tolerance zone range = more expensive price).
What does the tolerance zone mean?
Tolerance zone refers to a sequence of differences in the absolute and precise measurement dimensions used in a production process.
Other grade numbering systems:
ABEC is just a way to define the bearing tolerance class. The International Organization for Standardization and the German Standards Organization (DIN) also have similar standards to measure bearing accuracy. In ISO and DIN systems, a smaller number means a narrower tolerance band, and a larger number means a wider tolerance band. This is exactly the opposite of the ABEC standard. Please see the corresponding table below.
ABEC 1 Normal P0
ABEC 3 Class 6 P6
ABEC 5 Class 5 P5
ABEC 7 Class 4 P4
ABEC 9 Class 2 P2

Picture of abec 7 bearing:

abec 7 bearing
abbreviation of abec 7 bearing:
ABEC = ABMA system for rating ball bearing tolerances
ISO = International Standards Organization
DIN = German National Standards Organization

The higher the level number, the better quality of bearing.

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