Do you know the axle rear wheel hub bearing assembly unit?

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1.Axle rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly unit Description:

1.Axle rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly unit adopts double row inner ring structure, filling the ball is bigger, can bear larger radial and axial load.The reserved when internal clearance by manufacturing without adjustment.Bearing internal has been supplying high quality lubricating oil, it is more convenient to install and use.Size range: inner hole diameter of 20-80, diameter 40-100 diameter.
2.Axle rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly unit is one of the most crucial components of a car's suspension. They are usually located in the hub (the part that the brakes and wheels are attached to) or even the brake drum or rotor itself. Wheel bearings allow the wheel to rotate freely as the car travels down the road. Most cars have an inner and an outer bearing on each wheel.

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2. Axle rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly unit Features:

1) Auto wheel hub bearings are adopted with international superior raw 
material and high-class grease from USA Shell grease. 
2) The series auto wheel hub bearings are in the nature of frame structure, light weight, large rated burden,
strong resistant capability, thermo stability, good dustproof performance and etc. 
3) Auto wheel hub bearing can be endured bidirectional axial load and major radial load and sealed bearings are unnecessary to add lubricant additives upon assembly.

3.Application of Axle rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly unit:

To adopt the structure of double row inner rings,the angle which fills the ball is bigger than others,the auto wheel hub bearings can bear heavier axial and radial load.It is no need to adjust the inner clearance because it is already preserved in making.It was filled with lubricating grease in high quality in the inner bearing,which could make the assemblage and usage easily.

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The role of the Axle rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly unit is to load and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub, both axial and radial loads, is a very important component. The automobile hub unit is developed on the basis of standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. The two sets of Axle rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly unit are integrated, which has good assembly performance, can be omitted for adjustment of clearance, light weight, compact structure and large load capacity. In order to seal the Axle rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly unit, it can be pre-loaded with grease, omitting the outer hub seal and free of maintenance. It has been widely used in cars, and it has also gradually expanded its application in trucks.

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The traditional automotive Axle rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly unit is composed of two sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings. The installation, oiling, sealing and clearance adjustment of the bearings are carried out on the automobile production line. This structure makes it difficult to assemble in a car production plant, high in cost, and poor in reliability, and the car needs to be cleaned, oiled and adjusted at the time of maintenance.

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