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Most bearings ship find best bearings, professional roller bearing dealer near me, now I introduce the roller bearings for you.

Roller bearings are one of the rolling bearings and are one of the most widely used components in modern machinery. It relies on rolling contact between the main elements to support the rotating parts. Roller bearings are now mostly standardized. Roller bearings have the advantages of small starting torque, high rotation accuracy, and easy selection.

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Definition(bearing dealer near me)
Rolling bearings are divided into ball bearings and roller bearings according to the rolling force.
Roller bearings rely on rolling contact between the main parts to support the rotating parts. Different roller bearings can withstand different radial and axial forces. When selecting a roller bearing, a choice should be made based on the specific operating conditions.
Roller bearings are mainly spherical roller bearings, thrust spherical roller bearings, tapered roller and cylindrical roller bearings and other structural types.

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When selecting a bearing, the main considerations are as follows(bearing dealer near me):
Bearing load
The size, direction, and nature of the load on the bearing is a major factor in selecting the bearing.
When selecting the bearing according to the size of the load, compared with the point contact of the ball bearing, the main elements in the roller bearing are in line contact, easy to bear the load, and the deformation after the bearing is also small.
When selecting the bearing according to the load direction, thrust bearings are generally selected for pure axial loads. The larger axial force selects the thrust roller bearing. The smaller axial force selects the thrust ball bearing. For pure radial loads, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings or needle roller bearings are generally used. When supporting the radial load, it can also choose deep groove ball bearing or tapered roller bearing when it also bears the little axial load. When the axial load is large, the angular contact ball with larger contact angle can be selected. Bearings or tapered roller bearings.  

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Bearing speed
Under normal circumstances, the speed will not affect the choice of bearing type, but when the speed is high, the speed should be included in the standard of bearing selection.
(1) Compared with the roller bearing, the ball bearing has a higher limit rotation speed, so in the case of high rotation speed, priority is given to the ball bearing.
(2) In the case of the same inner diameter, the smaller the outer diameter, the smaller the rolling elements, so the smaller the centrifugal force the rolling elements are added to the outer ring, the more suitable it is to work at high speed. According to the properties given in Table 1, needle roller bearings are suitable for working at high speeds. 
Bearing self-aligning performance

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When the center line of the shaft does not coincide with the center line of the bearing housing and there is an angle error, or when the shaft is bent or tilted due to force, the axis of the inner and outer rings of the bearing may be skewed. At this time, self-aligning bearings or spherical ball bearings with a spherical center should be used.
Roller bearings are the most sensitive to deflection of bearings. Bearings of this type may have lower bearing capacity than ball bearings under skewed conditions. Therefore, when the shaft stiffness and bearing support hole rigidity are low, or when there is a large deflection torque, the use of such bearings should be avoided as much as possible.
Bearing mounting and dismounting
When the bearing seat does not have a split surface and it is necessary to install and remove components in the axial direction, bearings with separable inner and outer rings (such as N0000, NA0000, and 30,000, etc.) should preferably be used.

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