How to choose the correct bearing mount in 10 seconds?

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Bearing mount meaning
Because one bearing can use different bearing seats, and one bearing mount can also use different types of bearings at the same time, therefore, there are many varieties of bearing seats. For different applications of standard bearing mount, different material bearing mount can be selected such as: gray cast iron, ductile iron and cast steel, stainless steel, plastic special bearing.
Bearing mount- Overview
According to the different requirements of the bearing and the bearing seat, the classification of the bearing seat is not completely the same. When using it, it must be carefully checked he design.

1 According to the shape of the bearing mount:
1.1 Spherical bearing, also known as the bearing unit (SKF's statement). When not bearing, it is called spherical bearing. Outer spherical bearing mount. It is divided into 200 series according to the bearing series. 500 series. 300 series. 600 series. XOO series.
1.2 Spherical bearing mount is divided into vertical seats (P seats), square seats (F seats), diamond seats (FL seats), round seats (C seats), and bosses round seats (FC seats). Taiwan square seat (FS seat), dark hole seat (PA seat), hanging seat (FA seat).
1.3 Integral (ie, non-separated) vertical bearing housings, bearing mount caps with screws. These vertical bearing mount was originally developed as axleboxes for light rail trucks, but they can also be used with conventional vertical bearing housings. Non-separable vertical bearing housings are more rigid than split bearing housings and some can withstand heavier loads. Spherical bearing housings also belong to bearing mount.

2 split bearing mount
2.1 Split bearing mount, according to the different bearings and shaft requirements SN2, 5, 3, 6 series, SNL2, SNL5, SD 2,5,3,6,3100,3000,3200
Bearing seats are divided into: split bearing blocks, sliding bearing blocks, rolling bearing blocks, flanged bearing blocks, spherical bearing blocks and the like.
SNL vertical bearing mount
Common bearing seat selection
Common bearing seat selection (20 photos)
Large SNL bearing mount
SDG vertical bearing
SONL vertical bearing seat SAF vertical bearing seat

Integral bearing mount
SBD vertical bearing
TVN vertical bearing
TN vertical bearing
Flange bearing mount
FNL series flange bearing
Oil lubricated bearing
Oil lubricated bearing
7225(00) Series Flange Housing
g Housing
bearing mount structure

The slewing bearing seat guide is a kind of large and extra large bearing seat that can accept comprehensive load and special construction. It has the characteristics of compact structure, sensitive rotation and convenient device maintenance. Compared with ordinary bearing seats, rotary table bearing seats have the following obvious features:
1. Dimensions of bearing mount
The diameter is usually 0.4cm ~ 10m, up to 40m.
2. The carrying capacity is high
It is common to accept axial loads, radial loads and overturning moment loads.
3. Low speed of bearing mount
The task speed is less than 10r/min, and in a few cases, it does not make successive revolutions. It only rotates within a certain angle to make a swing motion.
4. With bearing seat device hole
It can be fastened to the upper and lower supports with screws.

5. No pivot of bearing mount
Rotary drive gears are provided on the inner or outer ring.
6. With smooth oil hole and seal installation.
The important construction methods of the slewing bearing mount are identified as follows: four-point contact ball slewing bearing housing, double-row angular contact thrust ball slewing bearing housing, interleaving cylindrical roller slewing bearing housing, interpenetrating taper roller slewing bearing mount, and three-row cylindrical roller cooperation Turntable bearing seats.

According to whether or not the toothed and geared parts can be divided into: non-toothed, externally toothed or internally toothed.
The four-point contact ball slewing bearing housing has a high static bearing capacity, and the cylindrical roller slewing bearing seat has a high dynamic bearing capacity, and the tapered roller slewing bearing housing can be used to improve the support rigidity and rotation accuracy by applying a preload. The three-row cylindrical roller with the rotary bearing housing increases the height of the bearing housing to improve the carrying capacity, and the load is recognized by different raceways. Therefore, under the same stress conditions, the diameter of the bearing housing  can be greatly reduced, thus making the host More compact, it is a turntable bearing housing with high bearing capacity.

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