The order of Cast Bronze Bearings in a small language!

1,149 Published by admin Mar 28,2019

On the evening of June 2017, I finished my email and was about to shut down. I received a Spanish enquiry about Cast Bronze Bearings. At that time, I could only understand that we wanted a product from Cast Bronze Bearings, but I couldn't understand what else it meant. I immediately translated the email body and then simply wrote an English email about our company and Cast Bronze Bearings.
After one week, I used the free time to track the feedback of the enquiry, and found that the guest did not reply, and used google to translate the original English mail into Spanish for the customer.

Unexpectedly, the guest gave me a reply on the same day, let me quote the price of Cast Bronze Bearings. After the quotation, what did the customer ask me about the CIF price? Cast Bronze Bearings did not talk about the size and parameters. I came up with the price of Cast Bronze Bearings. I didn't understand the basic way of dealing. I felt that this guest was very unprofessional and lost patience. I told the guests that I would not speak Spanish. Every time I had to translate, it was very troublesome, and the translation was not professional. I asked the guests to write emails in English. He said that he spoke very well in Spanish, no matter how I translate it. I...

However, in the intermittent contact, I found that the guest's email reply was very timely. I didn't understand the details of Cast Bronze Bearings and confirmed it to me. I found that this guest still has some value. Later emails were also very cautious. They were first translated into English, then translated into English, repeated, and then compared with different translation software to determine the final translation results and then sent to the guests. Later, the guest said, Miya, Good Spanish. I also joked with the guests, Pablo, Good English. In this way, discuss the specifications, samples, payment, packaging, etc. of Cast Bronze Bearings, each of which has been translated and corrected at least three or four times.

bronze sleeve bearings

Finally, in early November, I received a water list of 3w US dollars. Unexpectedly, there was a problem when confirming the bill of lading. The customer was afraid of having problems when picking up the goods. He insisted that the company name and address should be displayed in Spanish, but the shipping company asked for English. For this matter, we continue to use the translation and finally get the whole process. Seriously treating every inquiry and correcting the mindset is the magic weapon for success.

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