Installing Deep Groove Bearings

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Installing Deep Groove Bearings
To obtain the simplest attainable performance of the bearings, installation should be performed terribly rigorously in extremist clean conditions.

Errors throughout fitting of ball bearings will jeopardize the simplest style and make high repair and

maintenance prices. we'd wish to offer some advise for correct mounting of bearings:

The workshop ought to be mud free with low wetness, no compressed gas or machining is allowed.

Only withdraw bearings straight off before installation. If grease is needed it ought to be applied at now, with a syringe. don't use fingers or a spatula.

The use of a syringe is suggested to inject the grease right between the balls into the ball/raceway space. Nearly all normal greases area unit compatible to our rust preventive, thus in most cases it's not necessary to clean the bearings before greasing. the sole exceptions area unit special greases, supported polymer or halocarbon oils or PTFE-thickeners. They require a clean oil free surface to obtain good adhesion of the grease.

Deep Groove Bearing Mounting

Very few applications entail tight fits on each bearing seats. during this case an impact is mounted

by pressing each rings at the same time. As a result, balls and raceways stay unmarred.

Never clean the bearings in extremist sonic devices! enable the rust preventive to dissolve during a hydrocarbon bathtub by slowly moving the bearings.

It is counseled to use filtered cleansing hydrocarbon sort 100/140 (max. filter 0.45 microns). Drying of the bearings ought to happen beneath a dirt cowl. Bearings ought to ne'er be dried by processing with compressed gas thanks to environmental dirt and moisture!

Finally the bearings, prepared for installation, is mounted by adequate suggests that. it's of utmost importance to avoid placement of the bearings within the seats which mounting masses ne'er be applied through the balls.

The following footage illustrate the right installation:


The red lines show the road of force whereas pressing the bearings onto their seats. The sketch on the proper shows the mounting forces passing through the balls. This results in indentations within the raceways thence the bearings run shouting and also the service life are reduced.

deep groove

Deep Groove Bearing Installation

This sketch shows the proper mounting of a control with a decent bore work onto the shaft. Mounting forces ar sentthrough the inner ring solely, balls and races stay free and uninjured.

deep groove

Deep Groove Bearing Mounting

Very few applications require tight fits on each bearing seats. during this case a control may be mounted by pressing each rings at the same time. As a result, balls and raceways stay uninjured.

deep groove


Starting Operation
Oil Lubrication

In general, there are not any explicit running-in specifications for oil lubed bearings, however it established advantageous once lubricant is on the market before start off. take into account length of feed pipes to avoid meagre lubrication,when playacting a brief running-in procedure to permit the bearings to settle in their seats.
Grease Lubrication

Grease lubrication concerns running-in of the bearings. Even once a reduced grease pack is applied to the bearing, a definite quantity of surplus grease causes further friction. an entire grease film should cowl all contact surfaces.

GMN recommends the subsequent procedure for the bulk of applications:

Starting sequence at ten per cent of operational speed followed by a stop to permit the bearings to chill off to close temperature.
Distribution sequence at fifty per cent of operational speed wherever actual operational temperature slightly exceeds final operational temperature. once the temperature has reached a most, the unit is stopped to chill off once more to close temperature. check sequence, 1st operate at nominal speed. If target operational temperature is exceeded, the distribution sequence ought to be perennial.
Length and range of sequences depend upon specific properties of the applying. Grease reservoirs, restricted house, operational speed and environmental media have a robust result on the distribution of the grease.
How long and how often this procedure is to be repeated depends on the properties of the application. To optimize the running-in process for your specific application, please contact our application engineers. For more informatin on grease and oil lubrication, review our resource center page.

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