Do you know dental handpiece bearings and maintenance method?

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The damage of the mobile phone is mainly due to the damage of the dental handpiece bearings inside the mobile phone. For the dental drill used in the dental department, the "fatigue life" and "lubrication life" are the most prominent factors affecting the life of the inner bearing. Therefore, in the usual use of the process should pay attention to the following three points:

dental handpiece bearings

1. The two high-speed mobile phones alternately use the mobile phone. During the use, the dental handpiece bearings is always rotating at a high speed. At this time, the balls in the bearing continuously apply force to the inner and outer rings of the bearing, and the long time will cause the mechanical fatigue of the bearing. This directly affects the life of the bearing. Doctors usually use a standard configuration of the treatment table, which is equipped with two high-speed mobile phones, If the doctor uses a mobile phone for a period of time (10 minutes is appropriate) to replace the use of another mobile phone, that is The two mobile phones are used interchangeably, which greatly reduces the impact on the life of the mobile phone dental handpiece bearings due to "fatigue". This greatly extends the life of the phone. According to statistics, almost 60% of mobile phone bearings are damaged due to "fatigue".

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2. dental handpiece bearings cleaning and lubrication is also an important consideration. Cleaning is to prevent the foreign matter from entering the bearing and increase the friction between the ball and the inner and outer rings of the dental handpiece bearings. This is a process of replacing the water and foreign matter in the gas path of the mobile phone with detergent and lubricating oil. Lubrication is the oral cavity 114 In order to reduce the friction between the ball and the inner and outer rings of the dental handpiece bearings, the mobile phone can rotate at a high speed. We use professional mobile phone lubricants for lubrication. Mobile phone lubricants are liquid. When the mobile phone dental handpiece bearings rotate at high speed, there will be a lot of loss and the bearings will be in a “dry” state. Therefore, we must strive to fill the phone before each use, so that the phone dental handpiece bearings are lubricated in time. status.

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3. According to different brands and models of mobile phones, select the corresponding driving pressure.

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