What is the difference of single and double direction thrust ball bearing?

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double direction thrust ball bearing is usually composed of a row of steel balls (with cage), a shaft ring (tightly fitted with the shaft) and a seat ring, and its seat has a gap with the shaft and is tightly fitted with the bearing housing hole. And its steel ball makes a rotary motion between the shaft ring and the race. The main one is that it can only withstand axial loads in one direction and is completely unable to withstand radial loads. Because of the axial load, it is evenly distributed on each steel ball, so the load capacity of the one-way flat-bottom thrust ball bearing is quite large; but because it has a relatively large temperature rise during operation, the allowable limit speed is not high. What is the difference of single and double direction thrust ball bearing?

double direction thrust ball bearing
Although a double direction thrust ball bearing does not limit the radial movement of the shaft or casing, it can limit the axial movement of the shaft and the casing in the same direction, so such bearings are often better combined with deep groove ball bearings.

single direction thrust ball bearing

When the technician is installing, the axis of the shaft and the housing hole must be kept concentric, otherwise stress concentration will occur and the bearing will be damaged prematurely. If you want to prevent this bad phenomenon, you can leave a certain gap between the outer diameter of the seat and the hole of the housing, preferably in the radial gap of 0.5 ~ 1mm. Also, its shaft centerline and outer casing support surface should maintain a certain vertical fineness. Of course, it does not allow the shaft to tilt or flex during operation. This will result in uneven load distribution and cause premature bearing damage. How can we eliminate the tilt of the bearing axis? The researchers have shown that some elastic materials, such as oil-resistant rubber, leather, etc., can be used on the bearing surface of the race, or a thrust ball bearing with a spherical seat can be used.

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single thrust ball bearing are also separate bearings, which can also be classified according to their structural form: single thrust ball bearing and double direction thrust ball bearing. Single thrust ball bearing can only withstand loads in one direction and are also axial loads, while double direction thrust ball bearing can withstand axial loads in both directions. Both of them cannot withstand radial loads. And the thrust ball bearing is still in the form of a structure with a seat cushion, and because the mounting surface of the seat cushion is spherical, the seat bearing has a certain self-aligning performance, and can also reduce the influence of errors occurring during installation. Single thrust ball bearing are mainly used in automobiles, machine tools and other industries.

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