How to judge the go kart axle bearing damage?

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How to judge go kart axle bearing damage:
1. Open the car window and check if the sound is coming from outside the car.
2. After increasing the vehicle speed (when the hum is louder), set the gear position to neutral and let the vehicle coast. Observe whether the noise comes from the engine. If the hum does not change when coasting in neutral, most of the wheel bearings are faulty.
3. Stop temporarily, get out of the car and check whether the temperature of the wheel axle is normal. The method is to touch the four wheel hubs with your hands and feel roughly whether their temperatures are the same (when the brake shoe and disc gap is normal, there is a difference in the temperature of the front and rear wheels. Yes, the front wheels should be higher), if you feel the difference is not big, you can continue to drive slowly to the repair station.

go kart axle bearing
4. Use a lift to raise the car (release the handbrake and put in neutral before). When there is no lift, you can use a jack to lift the wheels one by one, and manually rotate the four wheels quickly. When it encounters a problematic axle, it will make a sound It is completely different from other axles, it is easy to tell which axle is the problem with this method.

go kart axle bearing high quality

Precautions for go kart axle bearing installation
1. Knocking on the bearing is not allowed under any circumstances;
2. It is recommended to replace the hub bearing coaxially;
3. Bearings with magnetic coding rings cannot be reversed;
4. Do not attempt to disassemble the hub bearing or adjust the sealing ring of the hub unit;
5. Do not touch the magnetic encoding ring of the bearing, the bearing needs to be stored away from the magnetic field;

original go kart axle bearing
6. In any case, it is necessary to adopt the correct method to assist the appropriate tool for installation;
7. The construction should be carried out in a dry and clean environment. Please do not open the package before installing the go kart axle bearing

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