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A guide to hybrid ball ceramic bearing materials

Author : Miya, SALES MANAGER
01 March 2018

Ball bearings is employed in a variety of applications, from medical and packaging

technology to natural philosophy and workplace technology.

Since these parts ar obtainable in several varieties of materials, every with their

own set of distinctive characteristics, consideration the professionals and cons

of a selected reasonably roller bearing will become a vital a part of the planning


Ceramic ball bearings

The most common form of ceramic hybrid ball bearing is commonly thought of a

‘ceramic hybrid ball bearing’, that indicates that the outer race, inner race, and

cage of the bearing ar comprised of steel, whereas the balls ar made up of hybrid

ball ceramic. The hybrid ball ceramic material allows the hybrid roller bearing to run

quicker whereas maintaining a cooler operational temperature and at the same time

reducing noise, vibration and wear. Since they're a hybrid ball style and still contain

steel races, hybrid ceramic ball bearings ar as equally at risk of corrosion as steel

ball bearings.

Fully ceramic ball bearings tend to be additional proof against corrosion, and additional

rigid and lighter in weight than most steel ball bearings. in addition, totally ceramic ball

bearings ar non-magnetic, that is beneficial for applications wherever this can be vital,

as an example, in magnetic resonance imaging instrumentality. Lower coefficients of

friction and better RPMs also are doable and, since they're non-conductive, ceramic

ball bearings is employed in electrical applications. additionally, most ceramic balls

bearings will operate in temperatures up to one,000°C.

hybrid ball
With these benefits, ceramic ball bearings ar a pretty resolution. However, they're

terribly expensive , that could be a robust argument in itself for seeking out another

resolution once extraordinarily high speeds and high temperatures aren't required.

Plastic ball bearings

While plastic ball bearings ar a more recent technology, they need benefits that aren't

offered by their steel or ceramic counterparts. Plastic ball bearings ar comprised of

all-plastic races and a plastic cage, and ar generally obtainable with a alternative of

3 differing kinds of balls: plastic, glass or chrome steel.

The most common ball material among a roller bearing is chrome steel. chrome steel

balls ar the foremost value effective alternative, however they're heavier than each the

plastic and glass alternatives. they're conjointly magnetic, which may be a damage to

some applications. Glass balls ar ideal once a metal-free resolution is needed; they're

conjointly chemical resistant and weigh but steel balls. Plastic balls ar another ideal

possibility. They weigh but each the steel and glass balls and supply wonderful wear

resistance, whereas still being proof against a large kind of chemicals.

Whatever configuration you select, plastic ball bearings ar ideal for applications with

traditional to high speeds and have variety of extra engaging options. because of their

plastic construction, they're self-lubricating, corrosion resistant and operate each swimmingly

and quietly.

Still, there ar instances wherever plastic ball bearings mustn't be used, as well as applications

with high hundreds or long temperatures olympian 150°C.


Every manufacturer offers its own versions of ball bearings with varied options, all of that have

a sway on bearing performance and life. makers of steel ball bearings, as an example, usually

supply their merchandise during a variety of various varieties of steel, as well as a three hundred

series (soft stainless), a four hundred series or stainless-steel.

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