5 ways to disassemble lazy susan bearing

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Bearings are the most widely used parts in the machinery industry. The most widely used is the lazy susan bearing. It can be said to be an indispensable part in machinery and equipment, not only in machinery, but also in entertainment venues, ports, and life. application. However, when disassembling the slewing ring lazy susan bearing the principle of disassembly and assembly of the lazy susan bearing must be observed, otherwise the lazy susan bearing may be damaged. The following is to look at the basic principles of lazy susan bearing disassembly.
How to disassemble and disassemble the lazy susan bearing and how to install and remove the bearing The lazy susan bearing is closely matched with the shaft, so when disassembling, the bearing can be removed from the housing together with the shaft, and the lazy susan bearing can be used from a press or other disassembly tool. Remove it from the shaft. The specific disassembly process can be performed according to the following conditions.

lazy susan bearing

1, the demolition of the outer ring. The outer ring of the interference fit is disassembled, and several outer ring extrusion screws are arranged on the circumference of the outer shell. On the other hand, the screw is screwed on the other side and removed. These screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs. Separate bearings such as tapered roller bearings are provided with several cutouts on the shoulders of the housing. The pads are used to remove them with a press or to tap gently for disassembly.

2. Disassembly of cylindrical bore bearings. Pulling out with a press is the easiest. At this point, pay attention to the inner ring to withstand its pulling force. The inner ring of a large-sized bearing is disassembled by hydraulic method. Oil pressure is provided through the oil hole provided on the shaft to make it easy to pull. Large-width bearings can only be disassembled when the oil pressure method is combined with a pull fixture. The inner ring disassembly of NU and NJ cylindrical roller bearings can use induction heating. In a short time heating local, so that the inner ring expansion and then pull the method.

lazy susan bearing

3, the removal of tapered bore bearings. Remove the relatively small bearing with an adapter sleeve, support the inner ring with the stopper fastened on the shaft, turn the nut back several times, and use the pad to knock with a hammer to disassemble. Large-sized bearings are easier to disassemble with oil pressure. They are used to pressurize the oil in the oil hole on the shaft of the taper hole to expand the lazy susan bearing of the inner ring. In operation, there is a danger of sudden release of the lazy susan bearing. It is better to use the nut as a stop.

4, hit off the law of lazy susan bearing. Unloading is the simplest and most common method of dismantling. It is a demolition method that uses the force of hammering to displace the mutually mated parts and disengage them from each other. The mechanical structure is relatively simple, and parts are solid or some unimportant parts. Most of them are disassembled in this way. Before dismantling, in order to reduce the friction, it is often wetted with lubricants at the joints. The knockdown is a simple and easy method of disassembly. The commonly used tools for knocking are hand hammers, ie ordinary bench hammers, punches and pads. The punch is made of steel material, and the hammered top is processed into a spherical shape so that the end contacting with the workpiece is usually inlaid with a soft metal such as copper, aluminum, etc., and made into a flat or shape suitable for the workpiece to protect the workpiece surface Not damaged. When unloading, different methods and steps should be taken according to different mechanical structures. Sliding bearing bushings and rolling bearing shells are interference fits in the holes. Removing them from the holes is also commonly used as a method of unloading. When hitting, the end face of the bush hammered should be covered with a pad. When unloading small-diameter bushings, it is best to use a step punch. The small diameter of the punch is just matched with the inner bore of the bush. The large diameter of the punch is about 0.5 mm smaller than the outer diameter of the bush. For the removal of large diameter bushings and rolling bearings, bushings are often used. Ordinary small bearing cover removal, often using a symmetrical way to enter the oblique pad, the bearing cover is opened.

lazy susan bearing

5, pressure unloading and pull unloading. Pressure unloading and pulling and unloading have many advantages over unloading for lazy susan bearing. They exert uniform force, and the force can be easily controlled in size and direction. Larger parts and components with large interference can be disassembled, and this disassembly method can damage parts. Less chance. However, unloading and unloading require corresponding machinery and tools. Pressure unloading requires the use of a pressure machine. Commonly used pressure machines include mechanical presses, friction presses, and hydraulic presses.

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