Real information helps me get the order of longboard trucks bearing

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There is an American customer who has an intention to place an order of longboard trucks bearing if he does not have a few emails. It may be that the customer knows more about this industry. After I have responded to several questions, he clearly expressed the sincerity of cooperation. Since he needs to get confirmation from the boss, he hopes to arrange a SKYPE video call. Since my computer didn't have a foreign voice, I negotiated with the customer and changed it to WHATSAPP.

longboard trucks bearing

Since it was Friday, and sometimes it was bad, the customer did not reply at that time. I will receive an American call at noon next Monday, and later I will know that it is the client's boss. He received his email when he got to work in the afternoon. The customer's email highlights the number of longboard trucks bearing sizes and the location of the goods he needs. Since the guest's warehouse is inland in the United States, the general shipping company does not ship there. After consulting several coastal freight forwarders who had cooperated before, I found another local freight forwarder. They returned to the city where the passengers requested, and I made the quotation form and sent it to the guests in the afternoon.

longboard trucks bearing in stock

On Wednesday, I received an email from a US guest. He said that he needed to change the product mix and let me update the quotation of longboard trucks bearing. As the total number decreased, I increased the price appropriately and reported it again. On Monday morning, I received an email from the guest notifying me that I had paid. I thought that the money should not have arrived so early, and then the person in charge of our department informed me that the account was received, and the handling fee was extremely low.
Through this time, I feel that foreign customers are more likely to confirm that we are real manufacturers, and that a real salesman is following up. So he needs to confirm by phone or video. Later, I changed the avatar on WHATSAPP to a live photo to give the guest a real impression.

longboard trucks bearing high quality

As a business person, regardless of the size of the matter, we should do our best to meet the requirements of the guests. This will leave a professional impression on the guests. In the coming period, we will continue to release, update our products, follow up our customers and open up new worlds for export.

If you are finding longboard trucks bearing or other bearings,please contact me any time!

Contact: Ellen
Skype: +8618668909563
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