Don’t push the metric rod ends order too much!

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I received an inquiry from Australian customer about metric rod ends in July 2018:
Through query, it is confirmed that the Australian buyer, the number and model of metric rod ends are clear, one million metric rod ends, but the quantity is relatively large, to further verify the authenticity.
From the point of view, Hi can conclude that it is basically a group inquiry.
From the product link he clicked, the material is better
Member's Customer represents how many member suppliers are added
Valid inquiries sent on behalf of him
All of the above can be seen that the competitiveness is very large.

high quality metric rod ends

At that time, the quotation of metric rod ends was replied within 1 hour. The following customers are aliases Felix
Hi Felix,
This is Miya from ZYSL China. Thank you for your inquiry.
Please see attached the detailed offer for your required metric rod ends. Lead time: 20 working days.Wait for your further comments.
On the same day, we learned the full name of the customer's company through the customer's email suffix. The company's domain name registration time was checked in 2009. It is an independent office building from Google Maps.
The Google search engine also found that customers have issued quotation for metric rod ends on another B2B platform Tradekey. It is roughly inferred from the company website information that it is a local bearing distributor.
The above simple survey further verifies the authenticity of the customer's metric rod ends inquiry.

metric rod ends with high quality

The next day after the quotation of metric rod ends was issued, there was no expectation of reply, because the customer would definitely receive a quote from many suppliers. I sent an email to him.
Email Title: Re: Hey Felix more details for metric rod ends
Hi Felix,
Good day. Miya again.
Apart from refreshing the offer, I'd like to bring your attention the details as follows:
1) We guarantee the materials to be offered 100% chrome steel. Stock, there will not be any impurities.
2) Please find the certificates as attached.
Please let me know if you require the metric rod ends samples.
Follow-up emails explain the advantages of metric rod ends.

high precision metric rod ends

The customer still did not respond, followed by follow-up on the following day:
Email Title: Miya - Optional designs for metric rod ends
Hi Felix,
Just floating this to the top of your inbox in case you missed it.
There are some more designs for your further consideration. As you see, the prices mainly varies from the thickness. The cheapest shown on the offer is for disposable use only.
As mentioned above, after further analysis, customers of downstream customers include customers such as tea gardens and food processing factories. The quality of such end customers is second, and the price is the first priority.
Therefore, this follow-up will continue to recommend more metric rod ends of different quality, and tell the price to change mainly with the material changes. The cheapest two models have a service life of less than half a year, which makes him feel the same kind of metric rod ends of different quality.

metric rod ends with high precision

Received his email the next day:
I immediately replied that I can arrange a free sample of metric rod ends and ask him if he has a courier account and provide a Fedex account. On the third day, prepare a sample of metric rod ends, number it, and send it out.
7.18 shows that the shipment was signed, but it was Saturday. I wrote an email in the past:
Mail title: metric rod ends samples have been received and signed.
Hi Felix,
Kindly note that samples have been received and signed by XXX.
Wait for your further update. Have a nice weekend.
Just tell the customer that the metric rod endsde sample has been signed, and I wish you a happy weekend.
Next Monday, next Tuesday, next Wednesday... The customer has no news.
Maybe he is comparing the price stage of metric rod ends, and it is a bit unreasonable to order 1 million in a single style. There is no mention of packaging in the middle, and the internals should be in a more in-depth discussion.Of course, these are just my personal guesses.

competitive price metric rod ends

I sent an email at 7.23:
Hi Felix,
Much appreciated if you could offer further comments on the samples.
The customer did not reply, I decided to call to follow up. On the 23rd, during his working hours, I called his mobile phone:
M: Hi Felix, this is Miya calling from ZYSL China.
F: Hi Miya, how are you?
M: I am doing very well. Trust you too. How about the metric rod ends samples I sent last week?
F: Yes, we are thinking about it. I am waiting for my partner's response.
The customer gave a very vague answer and there was no positive feedback.
M: Understood. Wait for your reply soon. Have a nice day. See you.
F: Thank you Miya. See you.
There was no substantial progress on the phone call, but it can be inferred that he is not the final decision maker and can only wait for further information. After hanging up the phone that day, I sent a picture of the metric rod ends to show the packaging.

metric rod ends with competitive price

Followed by the 25th follow-up mail:
Hi Felix,
How are things going? Any word from your partner?
Just friendly remind you that raw material has been rising sharply these days. Price quoted will only be valid for 5 days. Kindly help act quickly to enjoy the benefit.
Happy weekend.
The price of chrome steel has been rising since June 2018, so continue to follow up.
On the 28th he replied to me:
Hi Miya,
How are you?
We will split the quantity to item no. 6 and no. 8 but request good discount as your customer.
Finally, there has been substantial progress, and the model of metric rod ends has been selected, but the number is half-divided, and each model is 500,000. A discounted price is also required.
Give the customer a 2% discount and make a contract directly. The customer replies on the same day:
Hi Felix,
Please see attached the sales contract and send the signed copy.
We look forward to long term business relationship, so we will provide our best support on prices, quality and delivery.

metric rod ends factory

Email on Friday, 31st:
Hi Felix,
Any further updates?
Happy weekend.
Follow up on Monday, 3rd:
Hi Felix,
Wish you have a productive week ahead.
Friendly reminder on the sales contract sent last week.

Hi Miya,
How are you?
Please see attached our LPO as the order confirmation.
We shall send the deposit payment next week.

On the 8.13, he sent a water list with a 30% deposit of $20,500.

If you need metric rod ends or other bearings, please contact me any time!

Contact: Miya
MP/Whatsapp: +8618363031398

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