Quality products+services+appropriate skills is the key to get orders of micro thrust bearing

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Background analysis: This guest was contacted by whatsapp on August 19 last year: At the beginning, the customer sent me an enquiry of micro thrust bearing, and then sent an e-mail, the content of which was introduced to their company, a long history. Then introduced the purchase amount of one year, currently mainly in the industry with the top brand in the purchase (also attached a product picture). Based on the above analysis, it is a quality customer.

micro thrust bearing

Response steps:
1. Since the guest has spent several paragraphs describing his company, indicating that he is proud of this, it should be a good compliment and win some good feelings. At the same time, we also praised ourselves for our strengths and weaknesses: Although our company does not have such a long history, it has won praises from the industry under the principle of “Quality and Service First” of our company. Combined with the products of micro thrust bearing, our workshop happens to be doing the products you purchased before, the live pictures and product details of micro thrust bearingare offered.
2. Quotes are prompt and quoted within 24 hours.
3. Follow up in time. The price report was about 3-4 days in the past and the guest did not respond. Timely email inquiry, what do you think of our offer? Received a reply, we used to buy with a certain top brand in the industry, the price difference of micro thrust bearing is not big, let me think about it, I will be back. . Sure enough, after 3 days, we are ready to place a test order for the following 2 products of micro thrust bearing...

original micro thrust bearing
4. Stick to the bottom line. At the time of quotation of micro thrust bearing, the minimum order quantity is 200pcs micro thrust bearing. The number of guest orders is 50pcs and 100pcs. 50pcs is just right, and the other one is 50pcs micro thrust bearing before ordering, so as to explain to the guests. Received a reply: 100pcs micro thrust bearing is the most, and before and a certain top brand is such a quantity to buy, how can people? At this time, we must stick to the bottom line. So far, the price of the guests did not mention a high word, indicating that we have an advantage, the number can not be loose. He did not mention the price, I took the initiative to attack, if it is 100pcs, there will be additional costs. The next day (September 13th) received a reply from the guest: OK, 150pcs is Maximum.

in stock micro thrust bearing
At noon on September 17, he was sent a PI of micro thrust bearing, and immediately received the PI and the deposit water list. The deposit was recorded on September 21.
On September 20th, another 2 product offers were selected....

The general process is like this, it may be a bit like a running account, but it restores the most authentic chat situation. In fact, I would like to say that many of the processes of ordering are the same, but only "quality products and services + appropriate skills" is the key to becoming a single.

If you need micro thrust bearing or other bearings, please contact me any time!

Contact: Ellen
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