Motorcycle bearing must be qualified and installed correctly!

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There are many bearings used in various movable parts of motorcycles, such as steering columns, front and rear hubs, rear chain plates, and bearings in the engine. They are precision parts. Motorcycle bearings produced by regular manufacturers are generally tested as qualified products when they leave the factory, but the market is full of inferior motorcycle bearing. This has caused many motorcycles to replace their bearings. After a long time, this bearing is broken, especially when it is broken. On the road, it brings great pain and inconvenience to the car owner. Therefore, the motorcycle bearing must use qualified products and get the correct installation.

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Motorcycle rear wheel bearings have a relatively large load. If they are often overloaded, coupled with driving on rainy roads with high salt content, they will easily cause wear and affect their service life. Therefore, don't wait for the motorcycle bearing to be so broken that the outer edge is removed before replacing it, it will be too late. Replace the rear wheel hub bearing, do not force it in. If it is summer, put the bearing in the refrigerator for a period of time, and then the installation will be easier. For the upper and lower bearings of the steering column, due to the failure of the front shock absorption, insufficient lubrication or unsuitable upper and lower tightening forces, the balls are broken or the working surface of the balls is peeled off. When changing the direction bearing, be sure to check whether the front shock absorber is good. If the shock absorber is damaged, repair or replace it. Otherwise, the direction bearing may be easily damaged.

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The motorcycle bearing on the front and rear wheel hubs and the rear chain plate, because the owner wades too deep or washes the car frequently in daily use, let water enter the motorcycle bearing, and the grease in the bearing gradually becomes invalid, forming rolling grooves in the bearing and serious wear of the balls. , The clearance is significantly increased. If the front and rear wheels are assembled too tightly or too loosely when leaving the factory or on sale, it will cause unstable driving, jamming of the bearing or loose displacement of the motorcycle bearing, and damage or fall off of the ball cage, resulting in excessive clearance. Large, make the brake disc and the wheel hub friction, increase the resistance of the driving, the bearing on the rear sprocket, it is very easy to enter water or the adjustment is too tight or loose, will cause damage to the motorcycle bearing, so the owner of the car or too deep water when washing the car Pay special attention to pits and check and maintain them in time. If it is damaged, the replacement must be in place, and the wheel must be adjusted to rotate flexibly without obvious clearance.

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Through the above analysis, it is concluded that the damage of the motorcycle bearing is mainly caused by poor lubrication, improper installation, improper clearance fit and harsh environment. If it is not found or repaired early, it will cause greater losses or affect driving safety. Therefore, please pay attention to manufacturers, dealers, maintenance companies and car owners to avoid such accidents.

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