Do you know the several common classifications of needle roller cage bearings?

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The structure of the needle roller cage bearings can be roughly divided into the following types:
1 Needle roller bearing with inner ring and outer ring.
2, needle bearing without inner ring.
3. There are no needle bearings with inner and outer rings with cages.

Due to the different structure of the needle roller cage bearings, the shape of the cage is also different, and the structure of each cage has its own characteristics. Several commonly used needle roller cage bearings are described as follows:

1. "K" needle roller cage bearings
The main advantage is that the rigidity and strength are high, and the outer diameter guiding or inner diameter guiding can be adopted according to the requirements. In the production, the pipe processing is used. Except for the punching process, no complicated mold is needed, so it is not only suitable for mass production, but also suitable for small batch production, especially for small size bearings with "K" cage. Better process than the "M" shaped cage.

needle roller cage bearings

2. "M" needle roller cage bearings
Its main advantage is that it can keep more needles and better lubrication conditions. The cage can only be guided by externally. It is a better cage structure for single-row needle roller cage bearings. The M-shaped cage can be produced by pipe material. It is difficult to master the "K"-shaped cage only in the punching process. It is suitable for production in large quantities and small batches and is also one of the commonly used structures.

3. Thin wall stamping "M" bearing cage
Not only can the needles be kept more, but also the needles have the largest length, so that the needle roller cage bearings can achieve the most optimal load capacity, and the cage requires surface treatment for better rigidity and improved wear resistance. This cage is limited to thin-walled bearings and can only be used with medium-sized bearings.

4. "Work" shape needle roller cage bearings
It is used in needle roller cage bearings without inner and outer rings and is one of the structures designed by China. The advantage of the cage is that the geometric shape is simple, the process is better, and the process is less. It is recommended to use 20 steel pipe processing, which can meet the requirement that the needle can not be removed after punching the window hole, and the rolling process is not required.

needle roller cage bearings original

5. New "K" needle roller cage bearings
It is one of the structures designed by China. This product also has the advantage that the needle can not be removed after punching the window. In foreign countries, this structure is only used for bearings with a solid outer ring, and the outer diameter does not require a lock roller. The improved domestic "K" shape structure has better processability and is gradually developed through the summarization of domestic production practice experience, and further trials and improvements are needed.

6. "O" needle roller cage bearings
Mostly used for bearings with a drawn outer ring, the cage requires surface heat treatment to enhance rigidity.

7. No rib "M" needle roller cage bearings
This structure is stronger than the above-mentioned "O" shaped cage, and the lubrication conditions are also good. The cage requires surface heat treatment. This type of structure is also commonly used for bearings with a drawn outer ring.

original needle roller cage bearings

8. Two-and-a-half combination bearing cage
Bearings of this structure cause uneven bearing distribution of the bearings due to the unequal position of the needle rollers, and the lintels on both sides of the cage are subjected to large stresses, which may cause damage to the bearings when the rotational speed is high. The working performance of the needle roller cage bearings is not as good as the bearings of the above two structures.

In addition, there are structures such as "W"-shaped bearing cages and "I"-shaped bearing cages, but the cages of the above structures are not widely used.

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