Do you know the maintenance of nup cylindrical roller bearing?

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Maintenance of nup cylindrical roller bearing

The disassembly of the nup cylindrical roller bearing is carried out on a regular basis and when the bearing is replaced. After disassembly, if you continue to use it, or when you need to check the condition of the bearing, the disassembly should be carried out as carefully as the installation. Be careful not to damage the parts of the bearing, especially the disassembly of the interference fit nup cylindrical roller bearing, which is difficult to operate.

It is also very important to design and manufacture disassembly tools according to needs. When disassembling, study the disassembly method and sequence according to the drawings, and investigate the matching conditions of the bearing to ensure that the disassembly operation is foolproof.

Disassembly of the outer ring

For the outer ring with interference fit, set several screws for extruding the outer ring on the circumference of the outer ring in advance, and tighten the screws evenly while disassembling. These screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs and separable nup cylindrical roller bearing such as tapered roller bearings. Several cuts are provided on the housing blocking shoulders. Use spacers to remove them with a press or gently tap them.
The disassembly of the inner ring can be the easiest to pull out with a press. At this time, pay attention to let the inner ring bear its pulling force. Furthermore, the pull-out clamps shown are mostly used, and no matter what kind of clamps, they must be firmly clamped to the side of the inner ring. For this reason, it is necessary to consider the size of the shoulder of the shaft, or study the processing of the upper groove at the shoulder in order to use the drawing fixture.
The oil pressure method is used for the inner ring disassembly of large bearings. Oil pressure is applied through the oil hole provided in the nup cylindrical roller bearing to make it easy to draw. For bearings with a large width, the hydraulic method and the drawing fixture are used together for disassembly.

Induction heating can be used to disassemble the inner ring of cylindrical roller bearings. A method to heat the part in a short time to expand the inner ring and then pull it out. Where a large number of these bearing inner rings need to be installed, induction heating is also used.

Cleaning of nup cylindrical roller bearing
When disassembling the bearing for inspection, first make a record of the appearance with photography or other methods. In addition, confirm the amount of remaining lubricant and sample the lubricant before cleaning the nup cylindrical roller bearing.
a. The cleaning of the nup cylindrical roller bearing is divided into rough washing and fine washing, and a metal mesh rack can be placed on the bottom of the used container.

b. When rough washing, use a brush in oil to remove grease or adhesions. If you rotate the bearing in oil at this time, be careful that the rolling surface may be damaged by foreign matter.
c. When fine washing, slowly rotate the bearing in oil, and must be carried out carefully.
Commonly used cleaning agents are neutral non-water-containing diesel or kerosene, and sometimes warm lye etc. are used as needed. No matter which cleaning agent is used, it must be filtered frequently to keep it clean.
After cleaning, immediately apply anti-rust oil or anti-rust grease on the nup cylindrical roller bearing.

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