Brief analysis of the structure design of the classification of roller follower bearing

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Roller follower bearing are bearings with needle rollers in a thick-walled outer ring. roller follower bearing are designed for outer ring rotation, and the outer ring is used directly in contact with the opposite track surface. Used as a follower bearing for cam mechanism and linear motion. The outer diameter of the roller follower bearing is equipped with a spherical surface and a cylindrical surface. The spherical outer ring bearing can alleviate the uneven load caused by the installation error.
1. Separate roller follower bearing
The outer ring, inner ring and needle roller and cage assembly are matched with each other, which can be separated, easy to use, easy to lubricate, and suitable for high-speed rotation. RNAST without inner ring and NAST with inner ring are available. There are open type, shielded type and sealed type with inner ring.

roller follower bearing2. Non-separable roller follower bearing
This is a non-separable bearing with side plates pressed into both sides of the inner ring. It is available with cages and full rollers. Non-separable roller driven bearings are available in shielded and sealed types. The non-separable roller follower bearing of the inch series is a full complement bearing, which has been treated with a black oxide film.
3. Double row cylindrical roller follower bearing
This is a full-roller bearing with double-row cylindrical rollers on the outer ring, which can withstand large radial loads and a certain degree of axial load. It is a shielded bearing with a non-separable structure.

original roller follower bearing

Roller driven bearings are equipped with needle-shaped rollers in the thick-walled outer ring, and are bearings designed for outer ring rotation. In order to be used in direct contact with the opposite slide rail, the outer diameter of the outer ring of the roller follower bearing is equipped with a spherical surface and a cylindrical surface. The spherical outer ring bearing can alleviate the uneven load caused by installation errors, while the cylindrical outer ring bearing has a large contact area with the opposite slide rail surface, which is suitable for large load load or low hardness slide rail surface.

Roller driven bearings have cages and full rollers. The caged bearings are suitable for high-speed parts, and the full-roller bearings are suitable for parts with low speed, swinging motion and heavy loads.

roller follower bearing in stock

In addition to the open type, there are shielded and sealed types of roller driven bearings. The gap between the side plate and the outer ring of the shielded type bearing is small, forming a labyrinth. Sealed type bearings are equipped with sealing gaskets in the labyrinth of the shielded type to prevent foreign matter from entering.

Roller follower bearings have a wealth of models, which can be selected for various working conditions, and are widely used in the linear motion part of cam mechanisms and handling devices.

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