Features of 3 materials’ nylon pulley wheels.

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POM and PP nylon pulley wheels Materials with good mechanical strength and wear resistance , suitable for the production of more sophisticated plastic bearings, working temperature from -60 °C ~ 100 °C, high strength and smooth surface , basically does not appear tension , its good self-lubricating properties and low coefficient of friction , while maintaining the traditional advantages of nylon pulley wheels on the basis of precise and can be used in high speed operation .

nylon pulley wheels with high performance

Features of POM and PP nylon pulley wheels :
(1) rigidity, high hardness , even at low temperatures , high impact strength
(2) good excellent elasticity , creep resistance ;
(3) high thermal stability and very good dimensional stability ;
(4)good sliding properties , wear resistance ;
(5) physiologically inert , suitable for contact with food.
(6) Even in strong acid and strong oxidizing agents, poor paint adhesion

Main purpose of POM and PP nylon pulley wheels :
Mechanical and electrical equipment , fitness equipment , food machinery , furniture and decorating materials.

nylon pulley wheels with high quality

HDPE, PP, UPE nylon pulley wheels material has proven to be relatively weak acid cross- environment (30% Cucl2 solution and 30% NaoH solution tested OK) it is suitable for most acid / base / salt / solvent / oil / gas and seawater corrosion environment. With general nylon pulley wheels oil-free self -lubricating, anti-magnetic insulation properties, but lower mechanical strength , easily deformed. In comparison, the use of UPE material will have better strength , low friction characteristics and low temperature application characteristics (down to -150 °C).

Features of HDPE, PP, UPE nylon pulley wheels:
(1) good corrosion resistance at a certain temperature and concentration ability of various corrosive media and organic media
(2) high mechanical strength , high toughness can be maintained cutting at liquid nitrogen temperature (-196 °C)
(3)good self- lubricating, wear high
(4) Strong anti- adhesion
(5) low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation
(6) good resistance to high energy radiation

Main purpose of HDPE, PP, UPE nylon pulley wheels:
Mechanical and electrical equipment, fitness equipment , food machinery , furniture and decorating materials

nylon pulley wheels with long life

PTFE high-temperature corrosion-resistantnylon pulley wheels:
PTFE and PI as a new plastic material, proved to be all known engineering plastics and high temperature mechanical strength, dimensional stability and better performance , in which long-term use temperature of PTFE 260 °C, PI long-term use temperature is as high as 300 °C , and which has excellent corrosion resistance. The ball of nylon pulley wheelsis generally Zro2 or Si3N4 ceramic balls. In comparison the harsh operating environment of nylon pulley wheels , the drawback is due to the material itself is relatively expensive , so the higher cost.

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