Timely service, let me get the order of pillow block bearing units at that day

978 Published by Dec 10,2018

On April 28 this year, I received an enquiry of pillow block bearing units from a Hong Kong customer. Customer demand products are clearly pointed, and quality and acceptance are relatively wide. Through the analysis of the inquiry and customer information, I found that this customer is a trader specializing in the African market, and the products are relatively fixed. After the analysis, considering that we have no time difference with Hong Kong, I immediately responded to the inquiry and tried to get as much communication as possible with the customer. When quoting, I listed the price of the different qualities of the product and specified the difference between the different qualities. The customer responded quickly, indicating that the delivery time was more urgent and required to issue inventory.

pillow block bearing units in stock

There is a small episode here, which I personally think is also the key point of becoming a single. The customer requests a physical map of the stock product. Because the company and the factory are not at the same address, it has been more than an hour since the photo of pillow block bearing units was taken according to the customer's shooting requirements. This customer is the first cooperation, and has not yet figured out the customer's character, and the customer did not ask for the goods, and did not immediately keep the inventory to the customer. During the filming, a very oolong thing happened: the colleague's customers bought those stocks over the course of more than an hour (because the style was hot and the inventory price was low). When the customer learned that the stock was cleared, he was very angry and said that he would not cooperate with us and wasted time. This is a very high quality customer. I am also very anxious at the moment and do not want to lose this customer. I said a word to the customer: I know that apology is useless. I will use actual actions to explain that you will not regret it when you cooperate with us. And assure the customer that this will not happen again in the future.

pillow block bearing units original

After the customer was slightly stabilized, I immediately discussed the countermeasures with the manager. Because there are very few manufacturers with this product inventory, it is almost impossible to find the same inventory. We checked the inventory of the corresponding products of the warehouse and all the cooperative manufacturers, found some stocks of different styles of similar products, and kept the appropriate quantity of goods in time to the customer, so that he could choose. After I sent the inventory to the customer, he was very surprised by our work efficiency. But because there is something unpleasant, I can see that the customer is not really convinced of us. I told the customer that because this is our first cooperation, I feel that you will be more assured when you come over and check the goods. The customer probably also felt my sincerity and self-confidence. He called a freight forwarding company he cooperated with, and he came over to check the goods that day. The next thing will go smoothly, do PI of pillow block bearing units, customer remittance. It is worth mentioning that the customer's work efficiency is also very high, the next day we received the customer's payment.

From the occurrence of an unexpected situation, the customer does not trust, to the customer to place an order, and then to the customer said: You are good. I hope work with you more. One day has gone through such a process.

pillow block bearing units

Summing up is nothing more than two points:
Timely service, counterpart products of pillow block bearing units. To pass on your product expertise, you can quickly provide the products your customers need and explain the differences between the different products. Quickly respond to customer requests during the order period, so that everything is echoed and pieces are available. Prove yourself with practical actions to reverse the disadvantages, impress customers, and provide customers with satisfactory service.

If you need the pillow block bearing units or other bearings,please contact me any time!

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