Does the car precision wheel hub bearing need to be lubricated?

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Do you need to add lubricant to the precision wheel hub bearing of automobiles?
Q: My car has always had a "squeaky" sound when I ran recently. What is going on?
A: It may be caused by serious bearing wear. So, do car wheel bearings need to be lubricated? The bearings for family cars are divided into one-piece bearings and optical bearings, which must be treated differently.

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Bearing classification for family cars
One-piece bearing
The assembly contains ABS wheel speed sensors and tire-fixed bolts. If a fault occurs, the bearing assembly needs to be replaced and the bearings cannot be replaced separately.
2. Optical bearing
If the bearing is worn and has a fault, replace it separately.
3. Bearing wear failure
There is a wear fault in the vehicle bearing, and there is a "squeaky" sound when driving. It feels like flying, especially when the vehicle is between 60 yards and 80 yards.

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Need regular butter?
The load capacity of a family car is relatively small and does not require regular buttering. The fluidity of the butter is poor, it is not suitable for the parts of the chassis of the car, and the bottom of the car is not equipped with a grease fitting, but regular maintenance and inspection of the chassis is necessary.

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Bearing maintenance of precision wheel hub bearing
After the loss of the shaft bearing lubricant occurs, it is necessary to add lubricating oil. The amount of lubricant required for the shaft head bearing is small, as long as the bearing rolling space can be applied. Too much oil will only cause the fluid to flow out of the wheel, or even contaminate the brake disc, which will cause the brake to malfunction.

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