An alternative product helps you win orders for rear wheel hub bearing.

972 Published by Dec 29,2018

On Monday morning, I saw the customer's rear wheel hub bearing inquiry. I simply understood the customer's background. It is an auto repair shop. The demand for the order is not large, but the order can be placed again within one month. Wheel hub bearing Our factory customers have produced according to the customer's drawings, so this order can be done.

rear wheel hub bearing
Then, I wrote an email to the customer. For the rear wheel hub bearing he needed, I recommended a rear wheel hub bearing that was similar to his requirements, with pictures, drawings and specifications of the rear wheel hub bearing. Probably because of the time difference, the customer replied at around 9:00 pm, and also attached a picture of the rear wheel hub bearing he wanted. The type and size are the same. The only thing is that the seal of the rear wheel hub bearing is different. Metal sealed rear wheel hub bearing, then I told the customer that it can be produced according to his requirements, but the minimum order quantity is 5000. If a rubber wheeled rear wheel hub bearing is required, the minimum order quantity is 1000, the customer quickly agrees.

high quality rear wheel hub bearing

The rear wheel hub bearing sealed with our glue, and asked to issue a contract in the past, but the payment method requires VISA or PAYPAL. Since our VISA card has difficulty in accepting US dollars, the customer does not accept Western Union payment, so we can only accept PAYPAL payment, but PAYPAL's handling fee is close to 5% of the total amount, and the transfer fee is 35 US dollars, so let the customer show choose Paypal pays commission. I made a contract and an invoice to the customer and sent it to the customer. At around 10 pm, Paypal received the customer's rear wheel hub bearing, and said that because of the Chinese New Year holiday, the delivery time is about January 5th, I hope the customer can understand.

high precision rear wheel hub bearing
The customer quickly replied that there is no problem, the delivery number after delivery can be given to him, I hope I have a happy holiday. So I contacted the warehouse to stock up the next morning, and now the cargo of the rear wheel hub bearing is ready, waiting for delivery.

If you need the rear wheel hub bearing,please contact me any time!

Contact: Miya
MP/Whatsapp: +8618363031398

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