Installation skills of rolling contact bearings!

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Installation skills of rolling contact bearings
High-speed precision rolling contact bearings are mainly used in high-speed rotation occasions with light loads, which require bearings with high precision, high rotation speed, low temperature rise and low vibration, and a certain service life. It is often used as a support for high-speed motorized spindles installed in pairs, and is a key accessory for high-speed motorized spindles of internal surface grinders.
Installation form of rolling contact bearings
The installation forms of rolling contact bearings include back-to-back, face-to-face and series arrangement.
When rolling contact bearings are installed back-to-back (the wide end faces of the two bearings are opposite), the contact angle line of the bearing spreads along the direction of the rotation axis, which can increase its radial and axial support angle rigidity and maximize the resistance to deformation;
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When the rolling contact bearings are installed face-to-face (the narrow end faces of the two bearings face each other), the contact angle line of the bearing converges in the direction of the rotation axis, and its support angle is less rigid. Since the inner ring of the bearing protrudes from the outer ring, when the outer rings of the two bearings are pressed together, the original clearance of the outer ring is eliminated, which can increase the preload of the bearing;
When rolling contact bearings are installed in series (the wide end faces of the two bearings are in one direction), the contact angle lines of the bearings are in the same direction and parallel, so that the two bearings can share the working load in the same direction. However, when using this type of installation, in order to ensure the axial stability of the installation, two pairs of bearings arranged in series must be installed opposite to each other at both ends of the shaft.
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Main Specifications:
1. Bearing accuracy index: Exceed GB/307.1-94 P4 level accuracy
2. High-speed performance index: dmN value 1.3~1.8x 106 /min
3. Service life (average): >1500 h
The service life of high-speed precision rolling contact bearings has a lot to do with the installation, the following matters should be paid attention to
1. The installation of rolling contact bearings should be carried out in a dust-free and clean room. The bearings should be carefully selected and the spacers used for the bearings should be ground. On the premise of maintaining the same height of the inner and outer rings, the parallelism of the spacers should be controlled. Below 1um;
2. The rolling contact bearings should be cleaned before installation. When cleaning, the slope of the inner ring should face upwards. The hand feel is flexible and there is no stagnation. After drying, put the specified amount of grease. If it is oil mist lubrication, put a small amount of oil mist oil. ;
3. Special tools should be used for the installation of rolling contact bearings, the force is even, and knocking is strictly prohibited;
4. The rolling contact bearings should be kept clean and ventilated, free of corrosive gas, and the relative humidity should not exceed 65%. Long-term storage should be regularly rusted.

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