Not afraid and overcome the problems, get the order of single ball thrust bearing

656 Published by Sep 19,2018

In May, we received an enquiry of single ball thrust bearing from a customer from Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. The content was quite rich and potential. However, because the information provided by this customer was not detailed enough, there was no way to directly quote the price, but directly responded to the customer, but three days passed. They have not responded. Then I checked the customer profile, added the customer's Whatsapp with the phone number, tried to send the email and Whatsapp message, but the customer still did not reply. However, we did not give up, and from time to time will follow up through Whatsapp, although there is no reply, but still send a message to the greeting, that is, at least in the customer impression brush "existence".

single ball thrust bearing original

One day in July, the customer sent us an inquiry of single ball thrust bearing. I am very sure that the customer is definitely in need and will buy it in the short term, and this time he took the initiative to contact me on Whatsapp. Because I changed my mobile phone and I am not sure if I am the same customer, I just feel very familiar with it, so I will follow up more closely. When I get a message in the middle of the night, I will reply quickly. When communicating to the model, the customer said that he was not clear, but there was a sample on hand, saying that he was ready to send samples. After that, we waited for 7 days, but there was still no news. So after following up with an email again, I received feedback from the customer, who said that the relevant samples were needed. After confirming some information with me, I sent a sample.

single ball thrust bearing high quality

After the sample of single ball thrust bearing is tested, the quality is passed. I started talking about the price. The customer wanted 10,000 pieces and asked to reach his price. We decided to let Lili support the customer this time considering the long-term cooperation. The latter customers also placed orders as scheduled, and said that if the quality is OK, the order will be repeated. Therefore, we are very rigorous in every step, from the delivery to the receipt of goods, are carefully kept up to follow.

single ball thrust bearing KOYO japan

In fact, this customer also let me understand, many times customers do not know our problems, so not responding does not necessarily mean that he does not want to communicate, no hope. Therefore, to do foreign trade must be suffocating, we must continue to follow up and try, and finally the iron tree may also bloom. In fact, doing business is not as difficult as I imagined. Just look for the right method and persevere, and then there will be a return!

If you need single ball thrust bearing or other bearings, please contact me, we will do the best for you!

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