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The tapered adapter sleeve is the most commonly used component for positioning a bearing with a tapered bore on a cylindrical shaft because it can be used for either an optical or stepped shaft.Tapered adapter sleeve
This bushing is easy to install and does not require additional fixing on the shaft. When an adapter sleeve is used on the optical axis, the bearing can be positioned anywhere on the shaft. When used with the step ring on the stepped shaft, the bearing can be accurately positioned in the axial direction, which also facilitates the unloading of the bearing.

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Tapered adapter sleeve application
The tapered adapter sleeve is used to fix the tapered bore self-aligning bearing (self-aligning ball bearing, spherical roller bearing) on ​​the shaftless shoulder shaft. The structure is simple, the work is reliable, the bearing exchange is convenient, and it is widely used in textile, light industry and papermaking. , metallurgy, belt transportation and conveying equipment and other industries.

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The structure of the tapered adapter sleeve
The tapered adapter sleeve consists of a set of bushings, lock nuts, lock washers (or locking cards). The adapter sleeve with the lock nut and the lock washer can only be interchanged in one piece. Parts from different sources are not interchangeable.
The difference between tapered adapter sleeve and withdrawal sleeve
The tapered adapter sleeve tightens the round nut to the top of the bearing, while the withdrawal sleeve is reversed. The specific implementation method is that the thread is opened differently: the adapter sleeve is in the thin part, and the withdrawal sleeve is in the thick part. As shown in the figure.

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