Do you know the back to back installation details of tapered roller bearing assembly?

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Single row tapered roller bearing assembly have tapered inner and outer ring raceways, which are typically separated by a stamped cage between the inner and outer raceways. This type of product can withstand combined radial and axial loads, and the ability of the bearing to withstand axial load is determined by the contact angle α. The larger α, the higher the ability to withstand axial loads.
Single row tapered roller bearing assembly are separate bearings that are mounted separately from the inner ring assembly with the roller cage and the outer ring. This type of tapered roller bearing assembly installation requires some skill.

tapered roller bearing preload
1. Installation place
tapered roller bearing assembly should be installed in a clean, dry environment. Keep away from metalworking equipment or machinery that produces metal debris and dust. When it is necessary to install bearings in unprotected areas (as is often the case with oversized bearing installations), measures must be taken to protect the bearings, mounting locations and related parts from dust, dirt and moisture, such as wax paper, Plastic cloth or rag covers or wraps related parts such as bearings and journals.
2. Preparation before installation and disassembly
Prepare all necessary parts, tools, equipment, and materials before installation. Carefully study the drawings or instructions to determine the correct installation sequence for the different parts. Inspect the tapered roller bearing assembly housing, shaft, seals, and other parts of the tapered roller bearing assembly configuration to see if they are clean, especially if there are possible loose holes, conduits, or grooves. Check the dimensional and shape tolerances of all components in contact with the tapered roller bearing assembly.

taper roller bearing design
3, bearing handling
In general, the use of protective gloves and special handling tools and transport is the best practice. This not only saves time and money, but also reduces work intensity, reduces risk and reduces health hazards. Therefore, when handling hot or oily bearings, it is recommended to use heat-resistant or oil-proof gloves. For large bearings or heavy bearings, use cranes to move or position, and use steel belt or canvas hoisting bearings.
The spring between the hook of the hoisting crane and the belt assists in the positioning of the tapered roller bearing assembly when the bearing is pushed onto the shaft. In order to facilitate lifting, extra large bearings can be machined with screw holes on the end faces of the ferrules to fix the eye bolts. The eyebolts can only withstand axial loads parallel to the axis.
4, single row two sets of tapered roller bearing assembly back to back installation
Single row tapered roller bearings are generally installed in pairs. The two outer ring large end faces can be oppositely mounted back to back (DB), the two outer ring small end faces are opposite to each other (DF), or one outer ring is small. The end face is connected to the other end of the outer ring (DT). During the back-to-back installation of the bearing, the outer inner component is to be installed, disassembled and reinstalled. The inner diameter of the tapered roller bearing assembly and the shaft should be properly selected, and the correct and reasonable tools are used to facilitate the installation and disassembly, and the shaft and inner shaft are guaranteed. The rings, rollers and cage are not damaged.

high speed taper roller bearing design
5, bearing trial operation
After the bearing is installed, add the specified lubricant and then perform a test run to check the sound and temperature of the tapered roller bearing assembly.
The temperature of the tapered roller bearing assembly will increase after starting the equipment, which is normal. Stirring the grease during operation will increase the temperature of the tapered roller bearing assembly and will only drop until the grease is evenly distributed inside the bearing, after which equilibrium temperature is reached.
After the equipment is running at low or medium speed, check the oil level of the seals, lubrication equipment and oil tanks. After meeting the relevant requirements, adjust to the normal speed and gradually load to normal load operation. The maintenance bearings and related parts should be inspected regularly during use to ensure reliable and long-life operation of the tapered roller bearing assembly.

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