Installation and disassembly process of tapered bore bearing

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tapered bore bearings

The tapered bore bearing can be assembled and disassembled on the shaft by using fasteners or withdrawal sleeves.
There are two kinds of taper holes (taper): 1:30 (auxiliary code: K30)...Applicable to 240, 241 series 1:12 (auxiliary code: K).........Applicable to oil holes on other outer rings Oil groove and locating pin hole (one), oil hole and oil groove can also be set on the inner ring.
Mainly applicable cages: copper alloy cutting cages, steel stamping cages, pin cages, synthetic resin forming cages. Main uses the paper machine, speed reducer, railway vehicle axle, rolling mill gear box seat, rolling mill roller table, crusher, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, various industrial speed reducers, vertical belt seated self-aligning bearings.

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Disassembly of tapered bore bearings
When disassembling with a press, press the bearing against the adapter sleeve.
a Remove the spherical roller bearing with adapter sleeve. Use a metal rod to remove the inner ring of the bearing from the sleeve.
b Disengage the self-aligning ball bearing with the adapter sleeve. Use general tubular to prevent damage to the bearings.
c Remove the push-out sleeve with the compression nut.
d Disassemble the bearing by tightening the washer near the inner ring with the nut and the inference bolt.
e Remove the push-out sleeve with the hydraulic nut. Support the protruding push-out sleeve with a thick-walled ring.
f Hydraulically remove the spherical roller bearing from the push-out sleeve. Pressing the oil into the mating surface will push the sleeve out suddenly. The nut should remain on the shaft. The bearings fixed with the push-pull sleeve are removed with a compression nut. Tapered roller bearings require a lot of force when disassembling large bearings. In this case, the thrust bolts can be used with the compression nut, and a washer is placed between the inner ring of the bearing and the bolt. The hydraulic nut and the push-pull sleeve are used to disassemble the bearing, and the process is simple and economical. The use of hydraulics when disassembling large-size bearings makes disassembly very easy. As long as the tapered roller bearing presses the oil between the mating surfaces, the fittings are easily separated without the risk of surface damage.

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Common faults in installing super large tapered bore bearings
Flexibility in the rotation of the taper hole
After the tapered bore bearing is installed on the bushing, the rotation is not flexible, and the reasons for the seriousness are as follows:
Due to the temperature measurement error, the temperature rise value of the tapered bore bearing is too high, and the original radial clearance of the tapered bore bearing is reduced too much, which affects its flexibility. When using a bearing expander to heat a tapered bore bearing, the temperature measurement point should be selected at point A in Figure 4. If it is selected at point B or point C, the error of the temperature rise value will increase. The temperature at point A is the highest and the temperature at the seventh point is the lowest. Therefore, accurately selecting the temperature measurement point and correctly measuring the temperature becomes a key process for correctly installing the tapered hole bearing. It is necessary to do everything possible to eliminate artificial temperature measurement errors.

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About the inner ring damage of tapered bore bearings
After a certain tapered glaze bearing was installed on the tight bushing, the inner ring of the bearing collapsed, and the reasons for this were as follows:
When the original radial clearance of the lead hole pumping does not meet the standard, it is not suitable for installation. If the original radial clearance of the tapered bore bearing is too large, only the inner ring of the tapered bore bearing expands excessively to reduce the total original radial clearance. When it exceeds a certain range, the bearing inner ring will have a large damage stress, which will inevitably result. Causes the inner ring of the tapered bore bearing to crack. In addition, the inherent quality of the tapered bore bearing itself will directly affect its assembly effect. Therefore, the non-standard tapered bore bearings cannot be used.

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