Professional analysis is the key to winning a teflon slide bearings order.

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This case is a Polish customer Marcin
The product is teflon slide bearings
build connection

There are a total of 30 inquiries for this customer, although most of them are send me details spoke teflon slide bearings or give me the best price of teflon slide bearings.

In fact, for many vague inquiries, I don't need to spend too much time to put the familiar teflon slide bearings specifications one by one, but I will throw a question at the end, is your company's website convenient? Are you a retailer or a wholesaler or an end user? Wait, a little more information will have a channel to understand each other.
When I replied to these enquiries one by one, an inquiry with teflon slide bearings succeeded in attracting my attention.

teflon slide bearings factory
On one inquiry, the customer introduced his name, market distribution, and the teflon slide bearings specifications for inquiry, as well as the inquiry purpose: to renew the supplier!
Although the inquiry seems to be very professional, it has been more than two months. If you are chasing a girlfriend, it is estimated that you are running with others. However, for any enquiry, don't give up, let alone be more sincere. So, I sent the first email:
For customers who have already introduced themselves clearly, there is no turning around. I first tentatively asked him if he was running with someone else. If he ran, could you let me go to the spare tire list, and I might be able to go up in the future.

Mail analysis

1. The specification of the two points of teflon slide bearings from the customer can be judged to be professional. Because these two factors determine the price factor of teflon slide bearings, especially the product weight, for low-quality teflon slide bearings, it can be said that the weight determines the quality. The same thing, my weight is more than yours, then the quality of my teflon slide bearings is definitely better than yours. Well, very professional!
2. Purchase volume: two high cabinets
3, has signed a contract with other factories, but the factory is a bit problematic.

Email reply entry point:
1, the professional teflon slide bearings quotation: have their own teflon slide bearings pictures, detailed specifications, the two teflon slide bearings specified by the guests must be included in the quotation. Because he cares, it is also the point of his comparison of competing products.
2. For the foreign trade industry, at the end of the year, delivery is very important. Plus one year ago, you can ship to eliminate the worries of your customers.
3, the guest professional, you have to show the professional. The guest said that there is a problem with the original inspection factory, then I want to be superior to the opponent in this respect. So I asked: Are you asking for a quality audit or a social responsibility audit like ISO9001?

Negotiation table
Search directly by the name of your company as described in your inquiry. Find the official website directly through Google: Analyze the background, scale, products, and nature of the company.
After the search, the customer sales channel was found to be online sales, and the products had mechanical parts. The price of the teflon slide bearings on the customer's website was high-end products with high quality requirements.

From the expiration of the inquiry for two months, the test contact is signed to the contract, two working days (interval between the weekends), during this period of ten mails back and forth, skype communication, the efficiency of both sides is still very high, 10,000 pieces of teflon slide bearings Order transaction.

If you need teflon slide bearings or other bearings, please contact me any time!

Contact: Miya
MP/Whatsapp: +8618363031398

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