Our friendly cooperation about thrust needle roller bearing with Spanish customers

409 Published by Jul 12,2018

Share my foreign trade experience with you today:

Key1: The inquiry keeps tracked
Last year, a customer who had sold a US$70,000 thrust needle roller bearing was an inquiry from Spain. It was a previous inquiry. After I replied to the inquiry, the customer did not contact. In the monthly mailbox regulation one month later, I went again. I tried to send an email to the customer. I didn't expect the customer to have a reply soon and told me his specific needs. I will quote him here, and the customer will send samples. At the end of November, the customer came to China especially. After picking up the plane, they came directly to our company to discuss specific matters. The process was very pleasant. After signing the contract and returning to China, after returning to China, the whole payment was made, the factory production, everything was so smooth. 

thrust needle roller bearing-1

Key2: Do a good job
Waiting for the goods, just catch up with the Spring Festival, when the cabin and the trailer are tight, everyone knows, because the delivery time specified by us and the customer is this tense period, so the company is ready one month in advance. There is no delay in the customer's schedule. In the middle, all aspects of coordination are only known to us. Customers are also very moved by our commitment to keeping promises. It is so correct to find us because of thrust needle roller bearing, and we will cooperate in the future.

thrust needle roller bearing-2

Key3: Promotion account improvement
I remember that when I started, there were not many products in the account. Later, I communicated with the account manager and knew the importance of the perfection of the product!

The picture should not only use a single picture of thrust needle roller bearing, but use multiple pictures, the technical parameter attribute is very important, so it is more perfect, from the standpoint of the customer to consider the problem, to facilitate customer choice. Because we are global customers, and the infrastructure of each country is different. Some countries have cheap coal. Customers must consider using coal. Some customers use electricity, and some have steam. The same type of bearings. According to the customer's needs, I will re-edit the most complete and up-to-date information so that customers can understand our products for the first time.

thrust needle roller bearing-3

Perfecting a little bit every day, a lot in a month, more in two months, slowly, with the inquiry, now every day there is an inquiry.

The quality of the inquiry is still quite high. Seriously do a good job for each quotation, treat each inquiry, adjust your mentality, accumulate over time, and over time, as long as you work hard, you will succeed.


If you want to buy thrust needle roller bearing or any other bearings, please contact me, we will do the best for you!

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