A perfect order of ball bearing axial load from Russia.

945 Published by admin Nov 20,2018

At about noon on October 12, at around 10 am Russian time, I received an inquiry for the ball bearing axial load from a Russian customer. The ball bearing axial load product of the inquiry is a positive model of the fire that we sell, and the number of customer inquiry is 100 sets. I reported the price of the ball bearing axial load within half an hour. The customer replied to me within 10 minutes and asked me to quote the price of 100/200/300/400 sets. I then reported the price to the customer 100/300/500. After going home from work, I chatted with the customer using social software. After sending the photo of our ball bearing axial load to him, I will directly negotiate the freight with the customer and make an invoice to him. The customer will contact me through social software. The invoice for the ball bearing axial load was confirmed. The final set of 500 sets.

ball bearing axial load

The above is the process of ordering my order. After I wrote it, I couldn't believe it. So simple and fast - for this order, I think the success is as follows:

1. Inquiry analysis: I received the inquiry for ball bearing axial load at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Russian time is just early in the morning. The day is in the morning, early in the morning to find the ball bearing axial load product description customer demand for the product is real, and it is urgent. This point has also been confirmed through the conversation with the customer, the inquiry is the boss, and the ball bearing axial load products are more urgent.

sell ball bearing axial load

2, seize the first opportunity: According to past experience, Russian customers are relatively simple, or a bit acute. So I received the price of the ball bearing axial load. I also reported the price at the fastest speed. The customer responded quickly and then entered the substantive negotiation stage.

3, understand the ball bearing axial load products: customer inquiry product is ball bearing axial load, but the customer inquiry is written in the pump model. Because it is a positive model, the model of the ball bearing axial load can be determined immediately according to the model of the pump, and it is 100% certain. This corresponds to the preemption of the above. Maybe I have already quoted the price to the customer at the time, and other suppliers are determining the model number with their own technology.

ball bearing axial load seller

4. Risk control: After the customer confirms the price, he also put forward a request to buy ten sets of ball bearing axial load samples. At that time, I did not promise and did not refuse, but directly sent a small video of our products very fine, from the small video can be seen the quality of the ball bearing axial load products. At the same time, I also explained to our customers that our products are for the US market. It has been tested on the original pump. So the quality can be 100% guaranteed, and we can also help customers solve the after-sales problem. I said that the customer did not mention the sample again.
Within two weeks after the order is confirmed, the customer paid the full amount and the goods are already on the road. Therefore, this order can be seen from the inquiry analysis, seize the first opportunity, and can understand the product understanding and risk control of the ball bearing axial load. Each of our moves is matched with the customer's requirements.

If you are finding the ball bearing axial load,please contact me any time!

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