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 On April 1st, I received an inquiry about double sealed bearings. After I saw the inquiry, the country showed: Dominica.
I am very strange to both countries. However, I still sent the price of double seal bearings to the customer. I didn't expect the customer to reply to some questions about double seal bearings the next day, and said to pay with paypal.
After actively responding to each specific question of the customer, the paypal information was given.
In the next few days, the customer asked some questions about other models of double sealing bearings. Everything seems to be very smooth.
double sealed bearings

In order to speed up the transaction, I told the customer several times in the mail that I was chatting with you on whatsapp, but the customer did not reply if he saw the news on whatsapp. I have no choice but to continue to contact me.

For almost a week, the details of the double sealed bearings were basically settled. The customer finally contacted me on whatsapp. I repeatedly asked some questions and got a positive answer. I said that I will pay today, and I will send a paypal bill to the customer, but I have not responded for a long time. I received the customer's payment the next day, very happy. Hurry to arrange double sealed bearings for stocking.

JAPAN double sealed bearings

Ok, the problem is coming. The reason why everything is so smooth is that the double sealed bearings model that the customer wants is out of stock. Perhaps, others have told customers that double seal bearings are out of stock, and that I am in stock, the customer decided to order at our company.

Even if the double sealed bearings arrive, it will take a week, I will think about how to explain to the customer. The next day, did the customer ask for the shipment of double sealed bearings? I was very frustrated to tell the customer that because the model of this double sealed bearings was very popular, I didn't expect the last few thousand pieces to be sent out by other customers. Now there is no stock.
I didn't expect the customer's attitude to be quite good. I just asked if I didn't confirm it clearly before paying. When the model of double sealed bearings is available, I will say that it will take about a week. The customer said that we will wait for our delivery.

double sealed bearings Japan

After two days, the customer came to me again, I thought the reminder number. I didn't expect the customer to ask for another model of double sealed bearings. I said that the guarantee is in stock and gives you a discounted price. The customer saw that I gave him a discount, very happy, and said that I am very nice. There are several reasons for giving customers such a low price.
1 Did not send in time, I am sorry, give discount, when it is compensation
2 You are now buying this double sealed bearings, together with the previous order for double sealed bearings, giving you a $50 shipping fee, which is very cost-effective.
3 The first cooperation, I hope to have more cooperation in the future, so the price is very affordable.

The customer said yes, think about it. After a day, the customer paid, let us arrange the two orders of double sealed bearings to ship together.

If you are finding the double sealed bearings or other bearings, please contact me any time!

Contact: Miya
MP/Whatsapp: +8618363031398


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