Five step, get big orders of ball bearing turntable for one month

1,103 Published by Apr 11,2019

Today, I am very happy to share with you my experience in the platform.

On November 16 last year, an Indonesian Bali customer came to the inquiry of ball bearing turntable. From the beginning of contact with this customer, it was just one month after receiving the customer deposit. This is mainly divided into six steps. I want to share it with you today.

ball bearing turntable

The first step: judging authenticity
On the morning of November 16th, after receiving the customer's inquiry of ball bearing turntable, I carefully analyzed the authenticity of the customer, learned that the customer had searched our bearing-related information, and also had clear requirements, and the company name information was also perfect. Then I continue to search for the client company and determine that the customer has real needs.

Step 2: Effective communication
After investigating the background, it is time to communicate with the customer. I listed the questions that need to be asked about the customer in advance, as well as the customer's possible answers and coping strategies. After organizing the language, I would call the customer and communicate effectively. Calling and video is the fastest and most effective way to gain customer trust and understand customer needs for ball bearing turntable, saving both time and effort.

original ball bearing turntable

The third step: testing the ball bearing turntable
For Indonesian locals, the after-sales of ball bearing turntable is very important, they prefer to buy local manufacturers with after-sales or agents. In the communication to understand the basic needs of customers, I told the customer that we can provide ball bearing turntable testing. Therefore, the customer is very interested in this and volunteers to send samples of ball bearing turntable.

Step 4: Timely feedback
After waiting for a few days, we sent the samples of ball bearing turntable to the customer and the customer was satisfied after the test.

Step 5: Finishing
Trading here is a matter of course, and finally the negotiation of details such as price negotiations and payment methods with customers. If the customer has no other objections, the contract will be passed over, and then the customer will arrange the payment of ball bearing turntable.

in stock ball bearing turntable

In the process of following up with customers, we must promptly follow up and provide professional solutions to let customers trust you and recognize your professionalism. Through the most convenient way to carry out the most effective communication, as long as the other party's weight-bearing people influence the decision-making, it is not far from the single.

If you need ball bearing turntable or other bearings, please contact me any time!

Contact: Ellen
Skype: +8618668909563
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