Product information settings before $500,000 orders of propshaft centre bearing

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In today's Internet and big information big data, for the foreign trade companies, the customer + inquiry of propshaft centre bearing is Money. However, the source of customers and enquiries is often very limited. Among the many B2B e-commerce platforms, only the right platform can be selected to obtain effective and accurate customers.

For the enquiry received, there are more real buyers and more willingness to purchase. When it comes to getting more inquiries, it's crucial to publish the quality of the product.

First, the coverage of keywords. You want to let customers search for your products with a variety of keywords, which requires us to cover a wide range of keywords.

propshaft centre bearing

Second, the ranking of keywords. When the customer searched, our products appeared, but they were ranked ten pages away. This requires us to release quality products and display the products on the first two pages of the search.

Third, the description of the product pictures of propshaft centre bearing and the details page. There are so many products on the homepage, why should buyers open your products? This requires us to attract the customer's attention to the product master map and the details page.

Fourth, an accurate description of the title. To avoid the title product description not matching the propshaft centre bearing image and the buyer's intention of the detailed description; in addition, avoid the word repeating and the words in the title do not appear contact.

original propshaft centre bearing

Fifth, the price setting. Avoid the price difference with the similar products in the industry, and the price range should be rationalized. Avoid being too high or too low, causing a feeling of cheating for buyers.

In addition to obtaining customer resources, how to promote order transactions is crucial. I will share with you the process of making a 500,000 RMB order of propshaft centre bearing at Made in China.

This is an Italian customer. The first inquiry of propshaft centre bearing sent by this customer is very concise. It is simply that we are interested in our propshaft centre bearing and the quantity requirements. I was directly regarded as a general inquiry of propshaft centre bearing. However, in the spirit of not being able to let go of any inquiry, I asked the customer what brand model and quantity they wanted, and did not report any hope. After 2 hours, the customer actually returned to the mail. Once and for all, I found that our bearings met the requirements of the customers and I was happy.

propshaft centre bearing in stock

After our detailed description of the propshaft centre bearing, I made a quotation of propshaft centre bearing according to the customer's request. When the customer saw the price of propshaft centre bearing OK, he directly called me to send the PI. The customer paid the deposit on the third day and shipped smoothly after the 20-day production period.
After getting this customer, I took every inquiry seriously, and each month's inquiry is the beginning of an order. To get this customer, I summed up the following experience: Even if the customer simply asks for the price, we must seriously reply and cherish every hard-won inquiry!

If you need propshaft centre bearing or other bearings, please contact me any time!

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