Have fun in the order of disc harrow bearing housing.

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A German customer, I let him become my "informer", he will generally tell me about his company's current trend of our disc harrow bearing housing, or other orders of disc harrow bearing housing to develop. For a while, we talked almost every day about the order of the disc harrow bearing housing that we were plan to purchase. They are distributors. When there are other customers' trends, he will come to me for inquiry, so I don't have to ask too much, he will take the initiative to say. So why is our relationship like this?

high quality disc harrow bearing housing
This case is also from passive to active, we have not seen it. At the beginning of communication, mail, later phone calls, and finally SKYPE, the relationship is also layer by layer. In fact, it is very simple to think about communication. When I didn't order disc harrow bearing housing in the early stage, they needed a lot of information, or the specification list of disc harrow bearing housing. I provided it in time. He encountered the problem of disc harrow bearing housing, and I am willing to solve it. At the same time, I will also analyze some of the most powerful things to the guests, let him think that I am considering his problem from his perspective, this way the guests like it very much. I made him feel that he worked with our company and felt very happy. He communicated very HAPPY. They are also busy work, and if they can bring happiness to themselves, they are also willing to do it.

high precision disc harrow bearing housing
In this case, what I want to say to you is to look at the problem from the perspective of the customer and solve the customer's problem, which will make your communication easier. At the beginning, my communication with this company was also very formal. Sometimes you send emails, they won't necessarily return. After sending a sample of disc harrow bearing housing, there was no news at all, and it was a constant follow-up and finally succeeded.

high load disc harrow bearing housing
This customer has moved from passive to active, and the method I use is the perspective of multi-station customers! Now this customer has become my friend. Although I have done business for the disc harrow bearing housing for nearly a year, I haven’t changed my face yet, and everyone’s communication is quite enjoyable! When we do foreign trade, when we work hard, we must also give ourselves positive energy, from the communication with customers, looking for the fun of work.

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