What is the effect of high temperature on imperial ball bearings?

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High temperature impact on imperial ball bearings
If the lubrication or installation is not appropriate, the bearing temperature will suddenly rise and abnormal high temperatures will occur. At this time, the operation must be stopped and necessary precautions must be taken.
The use of thermal sensors can be used to monitor the operating temperature of imperial ball bearings at any time, and when the temperature exceeds the specified value, it will automatically alarm or stop to prevent the accident of the burning shaft. The use of high temperatures often indicates that imperial ball bearings have been in an abnormal condition.

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High temperatures are also detrimental to bearing lubricants. Sometimes FAG bearing overheating can be attributed to bearing lubricants. If imperial ball bearings are continuously heated for more than 125°C, the bearing life will be reduced.
Causes of high temperature bearings include: insufficient lubrication or excessive lubrication, lubricants. Contains impurities, excessive load, loss of imperial ball bearings rings, insufficient clearance, and high friction caused by oil seals.
Therefore, it is necessary to continuously monitor the temperature of imperial ball bearings, whether measuring the bearing itself or other important parts. If the operating conditions do not change, any temperature change can indicate that a fault has occurred.

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Periodic measurement of the bearing temperature can be performed with the help of a thermometer, such as imperial ball bearings digital thermometer, which can accurately measure the temperature of the FAG bearing and display it in units of °C or Fahrenheit.
The importance of imperial ball bearings means that when it is damaged, it will cause equipment downtime, so this type of bearing should preferably be equipped with a temperature probe. Under normal circumstances, the British bearings will naturally increase in temperature after just lubricating or relubrication and last for one or two days.

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