Do you know the matching principle of mast guide bearing?

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For mast guide bearing with high requirements on geometric accuracy, motion accuracy and positioning accuracy, the following principles should be followed in design:
    The principle of error compensation satisfies the following three requirements, so that the rail system realizes mutual compensation of errors:
    (1) Intermediate elastic links must be provided between the guide rails, such as rolling plastic belts (sheets) or fluid membranes.
    (2) There must be sufficient pre-tightening force between the guide rails to compensate for the contact error.
    (3) The manufacturing error of the guide rail should be less than the deformation of the intermediate elastic body (component).

mast guide bearing
    Accuracy and non-interference principle When manufacturing and using, the accuracy of the mast guide bearing does not affect each other, and it is easy to obtain higher precision. For example, the linearity of the rectangular mast guide bearing and the linearity of the side mast guide bearing do not affect each other during manufacture; the change of the lateral dimension of the flat-V rail combined guide rail does not affect the working accuracy of the mast guide bearing.
     In the case where the above instruments are not available, the operator can hold a tool such as a round bar or a wrench against the outer casing of the machine that is closest to the self-aligning ball bearing, and shame the ear on the tool to monitor the operation of the self-aligning ball bearing transmitted by the tool. It can also be modified with a medical stethoscope.

mast guide bearing in stock
      The normal self-aligning ball bearing sound should be uniform, smooth and not harsh, and the abnormal self-aligning ball bearing sounds have various intermittent, impact or harsh sounds. First of all, you should get used to the normal pacing ball bearing operation sound, and then you can grasp the abnormal sound of the self-aligning ball bearing, and then through the accumulation of practical experience, you can further analyze what kind of abnormal sound corresponds to what kind of The self-aligning ball bearing is abnormal. There are many types of unbalanced sounds in self-aligning ball bearings, which are difficult to tell, mainly based on experience.
    The dynamic and static friction factors are close to the principle. When designing the guide rail pair, the dynamic and static friction factors of the contact surface of the mast guide bearing should be as close as possible in order to obtain high repeatability and low speed stability. Rolling guides, ordinary sliding guides for inserting plastic plates or plastic sheets The friction factor is small and the static and dynamic friction factors are close.
    The automatic alignment principle of the mast guide bearing In order to make the guide rails have high precision, it is necessary to make the guide rail pairs have the characteristics of automatic engagement. The horizontal rails can be attached by the weight of the moving members; the other mast guide bearing must be attached with spring force or roller pressure to make them fit.

in stock mast guide bearing
    All contact principle The length of the fixed rail must ensure that the moving mast guide bearing is in contact with the full length of the fixed mast guide bearing (not beyond the fixed rail) at the two extreme positions of the maximum stroke to ensure that the mast guide bearing pair is always in contact during the contact.
    Principle of compensating force deformation and thermal deformation When the guide rail and its support members are subjected to force or temperature changes, the guide rail and its support members are designed to be deformed to become the required shape. For example, the beam guide of a gantry machine is made into a convex shape to compensate for the weight of the headstock (or tool holder).

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