Start with a small order of yoke type track roller and win with service

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Main business scope: self-operated and agent of various brand bearings

Main export products:
Deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, needle bearings, yoke type track roller etc.

Colleague Mr. Wu spoke of his own orders, which was very modest, indicating that a total of 12 orders were made, totaling $150,000. And made the following summary:

yoke type track roller

Start with a small order of yoke type track roller to win with service

Mr. Wu said that the negotiations with the buyers are generally smooth. The first order is generally small, because after all, they are net merchants. Without knowing the specific scale and strength of the other party, the customers are generally small. Mainly, after successfully completing the export of the first order, the customer will receive the goods and will continue to place orders after satisfying the quality, price and service of the goods.

Based on price advantage of yoke type track roller, maintaining cooperation with characteristics

The time from negotiation to first cooperation to ordering may take several months, which requires the waiter and wait of the salesman. On the Internet, customers are generally most sensitive to price. Mr. Wu's company generally attracts customers at low prices, cultivates customer loyalty and then slowly increases the profit margin of orders with other new styles. This is also a little thought, and then find some skills.

yoke type track roller (1)

Correctly understand your own advantages of yoke type track roller, pay attention to network marketing skills

Mr. Wu’s feedback usually takes half a month to one month from the time the inquiry of yoke type track roller is received to the time the order of yoke type track roller is received. Recently, a Pakistani customer made a small order of yoke type track roller more than 2 weeks after they sent their enquiry, which is inseparable from the timely response and continuous tracking of the salesman.

yoke type track roller in stock

The reason for the customer's order of yoke type track roller is that the product is more distinctive than other companies, and the price is also cheap, so a well-processed product image can attract customers to place orders. To be patient, the whole cycle is generally long. Service and response should be timely, fast and accurate, and the price should be appropriately reduced. Product images of yoke type track roller and related information of yoke type track roller should be as perfect and beautified as possible.

If you need the yoke type track roller or other bearings, please contact me any time!

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