How to scientifically maintain mondeo wheel bearing?

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Maintenance of mondeo wheel bearing Before disassembling the wheel hub, prepare the wheel hub for maintenance, stop the car and set up the axle to ensure the safety of the maintenance work.
(1) Remove the decorative cover and dust cover of the hub shaft;
(2) Remove the tire nut and tire, taking care not to damage the thread of the tire bolt. If it is a disc brake, remove the brake and use it to remove the lock ring or lock pin.
(3) Remove the hub with a special tool;
(4) Scrape the old grease in the mondeo wheel bearing, the journal and the hub cavity, clean the mondeo wheel bearing and the journal with a cleaning agent and wipe it with a cloth, and finally wipe it with a cloth. The inner cavity of the hub.
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(5) Check the mondeo wheel bearing and the bearing race, and find cracks, fatigue flaking and loose bearing rollers. Replace the mondeo wheel bearing. If there is a pitting on the mondeo wheel bearing seat, the bearing should also be replaced.
(6) Check the fit of the inner diameter of the mondeo wheel bearing and the journal. The clearance should be no more than 0.1Omm. When measuring the journal, it should be measured in the upper and lower parts of the vertical ground (the largest wear part). If the fit clearance exceeds the specified service limit, the bearing should be replaced to restore the normal fit clearance. Do not allow burrs and pitting on the journal to narrow the gap.
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(7) After all the parts meet the requirements, apply the grease to the inner mondeo wheel bearing and put it into the wheel hub.
(8) apply mondeo wheel bearing grease lumen should be noted that should the bearing grease until the grease squeezed out to the other side far from the mondeo wheel bearing. Apply a thin layer of grease to the hub cavity and the shaft cap to prevent rust. Be careful not to apply too much grease in the hub cavity, otherwise it will affect heat dissipation and braking.
(9) Put the hub and the outer mondeo wheel bearing back onto the journal, screw the shaft adjusting nut by hand, and then tighten the adjusting nut with the shaft wrench according to the specified torque. After tightening the nut, turn the hub a few turns to see if the mondeo wheel bearing is installed. On the other hand, the bearing and the race are properly matched by rotation. At this time, the mondeo wheel bearing is properly tight, and the wheel is free to rotate without feeling an axial gap.
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(10) Finally, the components such as the locking piece, the fixing nut, the tire, the dust cover and the decorative cover are sequentially installed.
(11) After adjusting the mondeo wheel bearing, drive a mileage (about 1Okm), stop the inspection, use it to wipe the temperature of the hub. If it is hot, adjust the tightening of the mondeo wheel bearing, it should be readjusted, and the bearing should be loosened properly. degree.
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