What are the needle roller bearing advantages?

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Needle roller bearing advantages:
Although there are many types and varieties of needle bearings, and they have their own fixed features, however, the needle roller bearing advantages have the following advantages in common with the sliding needle bearings:
(1) needle roller bearing advantages: the starting friction coefficient is small, and the difference between the dynamic friction coefficient is small.
(2) needle roller bearing advantages: international standards and specifications are uniform, easy to get interchangeable products.
(3) needle roller bearing advantages: easy lubrication, less lubricant consumption.
(4) needle roller bearing advantages: In general, a set of bearings can bear both radial and axial loads.
(5) needle roller bearing advantages: convenient at high or low temperatures

all needle roller bearing advantages

The role of needle bearings:
Needle roller bearings are equipped with thin and long rollers (3 to 10 times the diameter of the roller and no more than 5 mm in diameter), so the radial structure is compact, and the inner diameter and load capacity are the same as other types of bearings. The smallest outer diameter is especially suitable for support results with limited radial mounting dimensions.

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Depending on the application, bearings or needle roller and cage assemblies without inner ring can be used. The journal surface and the housing hole surface that match the bearing directly serve as the inner and outer rolling surfaces of the bearing to ensure load capacity and running performance. As with ferrule bearings, the hardness of the raceway surface of the shaft or housing bore, the machining accuracy and surface quality should be similar to the raceway of the bearing ring.
This type of bearing can only withstand radial loads. In terms of its role, it should be support, but this is only part of its role. Supporting its essence is to be able to bear radial loads. It can also be understood that it is used to fix the shaft. It is the fixed shaft that allows it to only rotate and control its axial and radial movement. For example, if the motor has no bearing, it will not work at all.

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Because the shaft can move in any direction, and the motor requires the shaft to rotate only when it is working. In theory, it is impossible to realize the function of the transmission. In addition, the bearing will also affect the transmission. In order to reduce this effect, good lubrication must be achieved on the bearings of the high-speed shaft. Some bearings have been lubricated, called pre-lubricated bearings. Most bearings must have lubricating oil, otherwise at high speeds, friction will not only increase energy consumption, but more freak is that it is easy to damage the bearings.


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