How to get plastic pillow block bearings order in 10 days?

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On May 11, 2018, a non-English-speaking colleague introduced me to S-country customers.
The customer is doing mechanical equipment and needs plastic pillow block bearings. After understanding the basic situation, my approach is as follows:
1. According to the customer's picture of plastic pillow block bearings, work overtime until 12:30 in the evening to quote customers.
2. Ask if you will come to the factory, when is the purchase period of plastic pillow block bearings?
PS: Most of the plastic pillow block bearings that customers are looking for are foreign models. In order to win the opportunity, I recommend a similar model.
The customer confirmed that they will come directly to the factory on June 5.
high quality plastic pillow block bearings
Medium period of plastic pillow block bearings:
First: preparation before reception
1. Printed a quotation of three plastic pillow block bearings;
2. Prepared coffee mineral water;
3. Prepared a book of five plastic pillow block bearings, nailed a business card;
4. Ask the customer a few people, and learn about two people, the customer came by car;
5. A quotation for the price of all plastic pillow block bearings on the factory sample display rack and the catalogue quotation of the plastic pillow block bearings are updated one day in advance;
6. Probably understand the culture of S country;
7. Dress and wear.
plastic pillow block bearings with high quality
Second: Reception (all day)
This is the customer who has received the longest time since I started foreign trade.
1. Wait two hours in advance to the factory to wait for the customer and check all the preparations again. The introducer also arrived at the factory at 9:30.
2.10 points to see the customer on time, this is a very punctual customer.
3. Lead the customer into the office. After self-introduction, the customer indicated that the plastic pillow block bearings should be tested first. The weather was very hot that day. I and my colleagues took paper towels, paper pens and pictures, and explained the various types of plastic pillow block bearings. With the customer experience, they returned to the air-conditioned office until 11:20. In the meantime, I learned a few very important things:
Customer's trip for 10 days.
The customer is doing the project. Need to inspect more than ten factories and make choices.
To have KC certification, we hope that suppliers have customs clearance experience, and all plastic pillow block bearings must submit drawings.
high precision plastic pillow block bearings
Since there is no experience in doing S-country customers, every problem feels very difficult, and the situation has been deadlocked. Fortunately, I had to go to lunch time, so I proposed to go to lunch first.
I found an authentic restaurant, the environment is a bit rudimentary, I was amazed when I saw the customer's eyes at the time of ordering, but the customer was very polite and ordered some dishes. Learn a few very important things in your meal:
1. Customers have cooperated with China's plastic pillow block bearings manufacturers before, and they are small and medium-sized companies. We are very hopeful!
2. The purchase period of the customer's plastic pillow block bearings will be 10 days later and is expected to open in July.
After lunch, S customers suddenly gave me a 90-degree slap. I was very surprised. The customer said that he was very grateful for my lunch and deeply appreciated the courtesy of S people.
After eating the meal, it means going back to the factory.
It was already around 2:40 in the afternoon, and the customer continued to test the plastic pillow block bearings of interest.
I went back to the office at around 4:13 to discuss the details of which plastic pillow block bearings needed me to prepare. At about 5:30, the customer said that they want to end today's itinerary. At this time the customer gave me his contact information.
Goodbye to customer,I feel weak, because his requirements are difficult to achieve, and can even be said to be impossible. However, everything must be done with no effort. So I found the boss on the same day and each was responsible for the information the client needed.
plastic pillow block bearings with high precision
On June 5th, some plastic pillow block bearings were sent back once. The customer did not return the information, and the mood was a little lost.
On June 6th, I continued to send the information of the remaining plastic pillow block bearings. I still have no reply and I am in a bad mood.
Return visit on June 7 Is there any information on plastic pillow block bearings? The customer finally has a reply, what adjustments do I have to make?
It was revised on June 8th, and there was no news in the past.
June 9th, returning again, is the plastic pillow block bearing information ok? No reply
On the afternoon of June 11th, the customer suddenly sent a message "Now is past" and then abruptly asked if the customer came to the office? The result has been no news, only to realize that the customer may be sent to other suppliers.
On June 12th, 13th, 14th, each visited once, there was no news, and they all gave up.
In the morning of June 13th, I didn't have any news. I was in a bad mood. Until the afternoon, the customer suddenly came to the information and asked me if I was not in the company. I immediately replied to the office and sent a location.
long using time plastic pillow block bearings
The customer appeared directly in my office after 6 minutes. We talked for a while in the office and learned some important information:
1. The customer has seen the big and small factories in 10 days. The price of the plastic pillow block bearings is also very thorough. It reminds me that the price of my plastic pillow block bearings is still relatively high.
2. I need to report the price of the last plastic pillow block bearings. I have to give it tonight, because I will return to China tomorrow.
When I am ready to leave the customer, the customer has to go to the factory to see it again. I said that the office also has a sample of plastic pillow block bearings, which can be seen here, but the customer insisted on going to the factory, so the customer's car passed. The customer on the road said, "The first day is our factory. The last stop on the last day of today is our factory." The customer's sentence made me know that I have secured this order.
The plastic pillow block bearings were tested at the factory until around 7:40, and the customer was completely satisfied. This time I said that I can't accompany them to dinner, and I have to go back to make a quotation. The customer sent me back to the office very intimately. When I got off the bus, it was another embarrassment. I reached out and shook hands with me, saying goodbye and thanking me. Although I feel incredible, my heart is warm.

competitive price plastic pillow block bearings

Going back to the office, talking to the boss over the phone and saying about the situation, I started to make a quotation for the plastic pillow block bearings, because the customer said that he must be given to him today, so he has been doing plastic pillow block bearings without dinner. The quotation (in the form of PI) was not completed until 11:12 pm, and the price of the plastic pillow block bearings was verified by the boss. The customer was sent to the customer at 11:50.
After that, there was no return visit, no urging, the customer sent a water bill directly to me on the 18th. Successfully won the order of plastic pillow block bearings!

If you need the plastic pillow block bearings or other bearings, please contact me any time!

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