What is the structure of the slewing plummer blocks?

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The slewing plummer blocks is a large and extra large bearing housing that can accept comprehensive load and special structure. It has the characteristics of compact structure, sensitive rotation and convenient maintenance. Compared with ordinary plummer blocks, turret plummer blocks have the following distinct features:

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1. Dimensions
The diameter is usually from 0.4cm to 10m and the maximum is up to 40m.
2. High carrying capacity
Normally, axial loads, radial loads, and overturning moment loads can be accepted.
3. Low speed
The task speed is lower than 10r/min, and in a few cases, it does not make a continuous rotation, and only rotates within a certain angle to do the swinging motion.
4. With housing for housing
It can be fastened to the upper and lower supports with screws.
5. No pivot
A rotating drive gear is provided on the inner or outer ring.
6. With smooth oil hole and sealed installation.

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The important construction methods of the slewing plummer blocks are: four-point contact ball turret bearing seat, double row angular contact thrust ball slewing bearing seat, interspersed cylindrical roller slewing plummer blocks, inserted tapered roller slewing bearing seat, three rows of cylindrical roller Turntable plummer blocks.
According to whether the tooth can be scattered and the gear is scattered, it is divided into different structures such as gearless, external gear or internal gear.
The four-point contact ball slewing plummer blocks has high static bearing capacity, and the inserted cylindrical roller turret bearing seat has high dynamic bearing capacity. The inserted tapered roller turret bearing seat can improve the supporting rigidity and the rotation precision through the application of the preload. The three rows of cylindrical rollers cooperate with the slewing plummer blocks to increase the height of the bearing seat to improve the bearing capacity, and the load identification has different raceway acceptance, so under the same stress condition, the diameter of the plummer blocks can be greatly reduced, thus making the host More compact, it is a turret bearing with high bearing capacity.
The turret plummer blocks is commonly used in large-scale slewing installations such as hoisting and transporting machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port machinery, ship machinery, and high-precision radar.

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