Four things you have to know about skateboard ball bearing

445 Published by Jul 16,2018

What does ABEC mean?
“The ABEC standard was developed by the American Bearing Manufacturing Association (ABMA) Ring Bearing Engineering Association (abbreviated ABEC). It is mainly used to measure the durability of skateboard ball bearing. It is necessary to examine how fast the bearing's limit speed per minute is. The ABEC standard is not practical for skateboarding, as most skaters can't slide 20 miles per hour, unless you go to the mountains, so ABEC is basically the same.
There are many things in the world, such as bearings, cars, airplanes, tractors, etc. ABEC is used to measure things that are much faster than the skateboard wheel. You can refer to the ABEC standard, but there is no egg, this is just a merchant. A marketing tool only.

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skateboard ball bearing maintenance?
Even if the car is always refueled for maintenance, the bearing is also the same, usually, do more maintenance can make your bearing better. Nothing tricks. There are bearings for cleaning tanks on the market. Skateboards inevitably get dust and dirt into the bearings, which will make the bearings slower, and flooding can even destroy the bearings. You can smear it with a little oil.
A few days ago, someone told me that his skateboard ball bearings had been used for 15 years. He was a bowling bowl. Bearing life also has an effect depending on the terrain you are sliding. Compared to the sliding bowl, jumping steps, and large armrests, the bearing will be more impacted and more likely to break.

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Why do some people like to remove the dust cover?
Because the sound sounds cool, many people like that big sound. But this will affect the life of your bearings. There is a reason for the presence of the dust cover. There is also a reason for the existence of the spacer ring. Everything in the bearing box has its use. I don't mind if they removed the dust cover, because then they will soon change the next skateboard ball bearing.

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What is the real role of the skateboard ball bearing spacer ring?
You should use this because it will make the bearing balls rotate better, which is what they do. We even designed this spacer ring for the longboard. This will make the longboard slide faster. I am not talking about those Poser, but the real skaters who are rushing to the mountains for 70 km/h. Installing the spacer ring will allow you to slide faster.

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