5 types of wear of polymer plain bearings.

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Polymer plain bearings always have a variety of problems during use, causing some wear on the polymer plain bearings, and different structures are shown in different wear patterns.

The ZYSL laboratory has been found in the test analysis under various operating conditions. The wear patterns of the polymer plain bearings are mainly the following:

Creeping wear, because the surface roughness of the shaft is too smooth, causing conflicts, the shaft surface is too smooth, the smooth material in the polymer plain bearings can not be carried and filled into the outer surface of the shaft to form a smooth film, so that the ambition conflict can not be established, at this moment polymer The conflict coefficient of the plain bearings is added and the required driving force is added.

high quality polymer plain bearings

Burns and abrasions, because the running speed is too fast, and the conflict surface burns and wears. When the shaft running speed exceeds the running speed promised by the polymer plain bearings, it will lead to conflicts. The conflict heat caused by the conflict rises sharply, and the conflict heat rises sharply. The appearance of the conflict has caused a rapid burn.

polymer plain bearings with high quality

Normal wear, polymer plain bearings wear under the correct cooperation conditions. At the moment, the wear of polymer plain bearings is mainly the result of the smooth material in the bearing during the initial operation of the bearing, and the wear of the bearing after protection. The rate is gradually decreasing.

high precision polymer plain bearings

Gluing wear, because of the safe running temperature of the polymer plain bearings or the glue caused by the optical axis, the optical axis absorbs the wear of the partially softened bearing conflict appearance when the bearing operating temperature exceeds the safe operating temperature.

polymer plain bearings with high precision

The furrow wears out because the shaft is too rough to cause the furrow surface to be scratched by the conflicting surface. The unevenness of the shaft surface is too large. The smooth material conveyed from the bearing surface cannot form a protective slippery conflict surface. The wear and tear of the attack is scraping at the moment. Injury and wear.

Of course, the wear and tear of the polymer plain bearings is an inevitable appearance. Under the condition that the polymer plain bearings function has been determined, we should follow the application rules of each type of bearing as much as possible to minimize the wear of the polymer plain bearings. This will promote the function of the plastic bearing to the best.

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